Understanding Your Classic License

As of November 4, 2020, SketchUp no longer offers new Classic Licenses or renewals of Classic Licenses. This includes the Classic Maintenance & Support plans. We've updated our policy regarding supported versions of SketchUp to help with any questions you may have. For more information, please see our End of Support article.

SketchUp's Classic Licenses allowed users to purchase a specific version of SketchUp. If you have a Classic License you may continue to use it, but may not have access to support or features not included in that version. For more information, please see our End of Support policy.

There are two types of SketchUp Classic Licenses:

  • Single-User License - Single-user licenses include an individually purchased license or a license offered through our education license program. With a single-user license you may install SketchUp on up to two devices at the same time. Want SketchUp on both your Mac and PC? You can do that! How about two different PCs? You can do that too! You can use any combination of two devices as long as they are both compatible with your licensed version of SketchUp.

    If you want to add or remove a license from a device see Authorizing and Removing a License.

  • Network License - A network license offers a pool of seats, allowing several users access to SketchUp at the same time. Network licenses require an active internet connection unless a user "checks out" a seat. For more information, see Managing a Network License.

Finding Your License Information

When you purchased a SketchUp Classic License, you received an email containing your license details, including a serial number and authorization code. If you think you may have held onto that email, you can search for it using the address we used to send it; [email protected]. If you can't find that email, we can help you find your license information using our License Manager.

To use the License Manager you will need your SketchUp Pro serial number and the email address associated with your SketchUp license.

To locate your serial number:

  1. In SketchUp Pro select License from the Help (Microsoft Windows) or SketchUp (Mac OS) menu.
  2. In the Welcome to SketchUp window, locate the serial number.
  3. Copy or write down your serial number.

Now that you have your serial number, you can look up your license in the License Manager. If you have any issues retrieving your license please Contact Support.

Upgrading a License

New Classic licenses and upgrades to Classic licenses are no longer available. SketchUp is now available through a subscription plan. To view the available SketchUp subscription options, please see our Plans and Pricing page.

Maintenance and Support Program

SketchUp discontinued the Maintenance and Support Program November 4, 2020. Our support teams can no longer update account information for users without an active SketchUp subscription. For more information, please visit the SketchUp Community forums.

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