Preserving Textures in a Dynamic Component.

When purging a model in SketchUp or uploading it to the 3D Warehouse, unused materials will be removed. If your model contains a Dynamic Component, though, you may also lose textures in "Choose Options" or "OnClick" attributes. To avoid losing these textures, you'll need to embed them into the Dynamic Component:
  1. Create your Dynamic Component.
  2. Create a small face.
  3. Apply the unique texture to the face. The texture is now embedded in the component and will be available to all users of the component.
  4. Select the small face, context-click and select Hide.
  5. Repeat for all other textures.
Note: If your Dynamic Component contains custom textures (textures that don't come with SketchUp), you'll also need to embed them in order for those textures to be accessible on other computers.
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