Developing Tools with the SketchUp Ruby API and Console

SketchUp contains a Ruby application programming interface (API) for users who are familiar with (or want to learn) Ruby scripting and want to extend the functionality of SketchUp. With the API, you can create tools, menu items, and other plugins, such as automated component generators, to be included in the menus within SketchUp. In addition to the API, SketchUp also includes a Ruby console, which is an environment where you can experiment with Ruby commands or methods.

For additional information on the Ruby programming language, visit

To learn more about the SketchUp Ruby API, visit our Ruby API Code Site. This site contains an FAQ, tutorials, documentation, and the SketchUp Developers Forum.

Currently, we do not offer technical support for the Ruby Application Programmers Interface (API) or for any Ruby plugins created by third parties. We encourage posting Ruby API questions to our SketchUp Developers Forum. General Ruby information may be obtained at

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time.

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