Trimble Identity - Frequently Asked Questions

Trimble Identity (also called Trimble ID) provides single sign-on access for Trimble and SketchUp online services as well as to authorize SketchUp Pro subscriptions. You can sign-in to one online service and then browse to another online service without a need to sign in again. Starting in 2018 for Shop and 2019 for Pro, some SketchUp products can also be accessed through the Trimble ID.

What is Trimble?

In 2012, Trimble purchased SketchUp from Google. Trimble is an international company specializing in Agriculture, Building Construction, Civil Engineering and Construction, Geospatial, Transportation, and much more. Your Trimble ID is part of SketchUp’s integration into this parent company’s systems.

Creating and Using a Trimble Identity

How do I create a Trimble Identity?

To create a Trimble ID you can follow the process detailed in our Help Center article on the subject here.

Once you’ve arrived at a Sign in page, just follow the steps to create your account.

  1. Start by entering your desired email address in the appropriate field.
    Note: Even if SketchUp has emailed you at this email address, or you’ve purchased with this email address in years past, it doesn’t automatically create a Trimble ID. If you haven’t created one already, you’ll be prompted to create a new one.
  2. If the email address has already been used to create a Trimble ID, then you’ll see an option to enter your password or click on “Forgot Password.”
  3. If the email address has never been used, then you’ll see an option to create one.
  4. From the Trimble ID Sign in page, simply enter your email address. Enter your information. You will then receive an email asking you to activate your account. Please click on the email link within 72 hours.
  5. Click the link in the email to finish creating your Trimble ID. If you don’t see the activation email, please check your spam, or wait a little while.
Note: If you choose to sign in with your Google account just click the "Sign in with Google" button. If prompted, enter the credentials for you Google/Gmail account.
I have created a Trimble ID but cannot log in. Why?

It is likely that your Trimble ID has not been activated. When you create a Trimble ID, you will receive an email asking activate your account. This step confirms your email address is correct. Click the link in the email to activate your account. After that, you should be able to sign in with your Trimble ID credentials. You have 72 hours to activate your account. If you have not activated your account within 72 hours you will need to use the forgot password link to reset your password and activate your account. If you missed your 72-hour activation window, click here for an activation link.

I have forgotten my Trimble ID password

On the Trimble ID sign in page, enter your email address and click Next. You'll be presented with a window allowing you to enter your password or click Forgot password?

Fill in your email address, and click the Reset password link.

Check your email inbox for email from Trimble ID service. In the email message, click the Reset password button to set a new password for your Trimble ID.


I tried to reset my password but Trimble ID does not recognize my email address and asks me to enter a valid email address.

I'm seeing an error that says: "Sorry, we didn't recognise this user. Please enter a valid Email address." If the spelling of the email address is correct, this means that you don’t currently have a Trimble ID with it (this can happen even if it’s the email you have used in the past for your SketchUp license.) Enter your desired email address on the sign in page, and proceed and it will take you to a window you can use to create the Trimble ID.

I haven't received any emails from Trimble ID.

Your company's firewall may be blocking our emails, or it may be blocked by your spam filter. Please contact your IT department and ask them to allow emails from * and * and * If you find the email in your Spam folder, please make sure to whitelist the email domains listed above.

You can also try this: Click here to enter your information and resend the activation email. Once you get the email indicating the account was successfully created, instead of clicking on the email button to log in, go to and sign in from the top right corner’s profile icon to test the sign-in.

I tried to enter a new password but Trimble ID won't accept it. Why?

For security reasons, the password must at least contain:

  • 8 Characters
  • At least one digit [ 0-9 ]
  • A combination of lower & uppercase letters [ aA-zZ ]
  • At least one special character [ !@#$%&*^_-+ ]
Nothing is working, and I’m stuck in an endless loop of trying to activate the Trimble ID.

Please send your details (but not passwords, please) and screenshots, if possible, in a help ticket to our Customer Service Department. If you can remember, please tell us the steps you took to get to what you are seeing. Technical details and context are helpful! Also, please let us know what browser you are using, as well as what kind of device you’re signing in on, whether mobile or a computer.

Using your Google Sign-In with Trimble ID

Why did Google stop supporting sign in from old versions of SketchUp? That doesn’t sound very Googly.

Google is improving their ability to protect your account data. Sketchup’s sign-in UI is built on “Chromium Embedded Framework” or “CEF” for short. CEF allows software providers to build awesome UIs. The problem is that hackers can build applications with CEF which can steal user’s data. The way to prevent that is to handle all sign-ins inside an application like a web browser which can be verified as secure. As a result, we did a bunch of work to SketchUp 2019.3 to support the new sign-in methodology inside your computer’s default web browser.

Does this mean that Trimble ID is less secure than Google?

No, Trimble Identity is as secure as we can make it. However, if you have a cracked or pirated version of SketchUp you could be at risk for hackers stealing your sign-in credentials.

Which versions of Sketchup support Sign in with Google?

Version 2019.3 and future versions will support Sign in with Google.

Do I have a Trimble account if I use Sign in with Google?

Yes. Signing in with Google is only a way for you to verify your identity. Once your identity is verified, Trimble creates an account for you in our systems. Your username for your Trimble account will be your Google email address.

Why do I have to create a Trimble password?

When you create a Trimble account by signing in with Google, you won’t have a Trimble password for your account yet. If you ever want to use sign in directly with your email address you need to set up your Trimble password by going through the reset password process.

What if I’m not sure whether I have a Trimble password or not?

No problem. You can try to Sign In. Or just to be safe, you can follow the Create Trimble password flow. You can change your password as often as you like.

Why does the create password UI say Forgot password or Reset password in some places?

The forgot/reset password workflow is also used to create a password when an account is first created by signing in with Google.

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