Trimble Connect in SketchUp for iPad

Trimble Connect and SketchUp for iPad are fully integrated. You can choose to save any SketchUp files created or edited in SketchUp for iPad in Trimble Connect instead of saving them locally. 

Publishing to Connect

On the Home screen, locally saved files appear with a file icon (). Files saved to Trimble Connect appear with the Connect icon (). To publish a locally saved file to Connect, tap the menu icon () and select Publish to Connect. A window containing a list of your Trimble Connect projects will appear. 

Select the project you want to add your file to and tap Publish to Connect. 

Accessing Files

The Trimble Connect tab on the Home screen is where you can access the Trimble Connect projects you have created or have been shared with you. 

Opening a project shows the same folders and files you would find in Trimble Connect. Any file opened, edited, or saved in SketchUp for iPad will overwrite that file in Trimble Connect. 

Sharing Files

SketchUp for iPad makes it easy to share your SketchUp models. For more information take a look at Link Sharing in the SketchUp for iPad Help Center.