Troubleshooting Trimble Identity

Having issues related to your Trimble ID? Here are a few common issues and the solutions you need to get back up and running.

General Questions

Help! I created a Trimble Identity but I still can't sign in.

If you are having trouble signing in after creating your Trimble Identity here's a few things to check:

  • Double check that your email address and password are correct. There may be a typo or you may have entered an email address not associated with your Trimble account.
  • Try to sign in using one of the 3rd party sign-in options. If you created your account using one of those options you need to select that option each time you login. Typing in the email address and password associated with your 3rd party account will not work.
  • If your email address is associated with a Trimble ID but your password doesn't seem to work, use the Forgot Password? link to reset it.

I forgot my Trimble Password!

If you know the email address associated with your Trimble ID but can't remember your password use the Forgot Password link and follow the instructions provided to reset it. For more information, see How do I reset my password if I can't log in? over at the Trimble Help Center.

I'm not receiving any emails from Trimble!

A firewall or spam filter may be blocking our emails. If your email address is associated with your employer you may need to contact your IT department. If you are using a personal email address you may need to safelist emails from Trimble in your spam filter. In either case, to make sure you receive emails from Trimble please safelist emails from the following domains:


I'm trying to activate my Trimble ID and I'm stuck in an endless loop!

Please contact our Support Team here by filling out our Contact Technical Support form. Make sure to provide your contact details, the email address you used to set up your Trimble ID, and the steps you took to get to what you are seeing. Please include screenshots, what web browser you are using, your operating system, and if you are on a mobile device or desktop computer.

I'm locked out of my account!

If you enter the wrong password too many times you'll see "Your account has been temporarily locked for up to 15 minutes after too many failed attempts to sign in." You can choose to wait and try again later, or you can use the forgot password option on the sign in page for quicker access.

3rd Party Sign-in

Am I required to use a 3rd party option?

No. 3rd party sign-in options are just that, options.

Why would I want to use a 3rd party option rather than creating a Trimble Account?

We recommend using whichever option works best for you.

3rd party sign in services allow you to sync your password with those services. If you don't want to worry about keeping track of multiple login credentials, using 3rd party sign-in services can help.

If you would rather have a unique password for your Trimble account, creating a Trimble ID might be a better option.

Will Trimble know my password if I use a 3rd party sign-in option?

No. Our 3rd party partners do not share password information with Trimble.

I login using a 3rd party option. How do I change my password?

Passwords are connected to the 3rd party option you chose. If you would like to change that password you must use that 3rd party to do so.

My password isn't working?

Your password is tied to the option you chose to use when creating your Trimble ID. Make sure you use the password for the service you're using to sign in.

I'm using my Apple account to login to SketchUp. What happens when I enable the Turn Off Email Forwarding or Hide My Email features?

Apple's Turn Off Email Forwarding and Hide My Email features change the email address you share with the world, using an anonymized address instead. If those features are enabled when creating a Trimble account, they must be enabled each time you login. If you disable those features later it will prevent you from signing in and you will not have access to any of your files or purchases.

I have a Classic License for an unsupported version of SketchUp. Why can't I use a 3rd party option with my Trimble ID?

All 3rd party options require browser-based sign-in. Leveraging a web browser for the sign-in process provides an extra layer of security against malicious application developers. Versions of SketchUp older than 2019.2 do not leverage a web browser when signing in. The lack of browser-based sign-in in older versions of SketchUp is seen as a security risk and our 3rd party partners no longer allow users to sign in on outdated applications.

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