Trimble Connect in SketchUp for Desktop

SketchUp for Desktop and Trimble Connect work together through the Trimble Connect extension. The Trimble Connect extension is included in SketchUp by default and has its own dedicated toolbar. 

You’ll also see a Trimble Connect option in the File menu. 

Either option provides access to the following commands: 

  • Open Model – Opens a Trimble Connect browser window where you can view and access all the projects you have access to in Trimble Connect.
  • Collaboration Manager – An interface that allows you to manage comments, to-do’s, and model references in projects saved to Trimble Connect. 
  • Publish Model – Save a model to a project in Trimble Connect.
  • Import File – Open a model saved to a project in Trimble Connect.
  • Import Visual Reference Model – Open a model saved as a visual reference in Trimble Connect. 
  • Launch Trimble Connect – Launches Trimble Connect in a new tab of your default web browser.
Note: In order to publish a model to Trimble Connect you must save it locally first. 

Referencing Files with Trimble Connect

A great way to work with larger models, especially when multiple people need to work on them at the same time, is to break that model down into smaller, individual files. With Trimble Connect you can reference each of those smaller files in one large master file. Anytime someone updates one of the smaller files, those changes will be reflected in the master file. 

To begin using references follow these steps: 

  1. Establish a common reference point or set of points for use between all files. Examples include a geolocated area, a floorplan, or specific coordinates on a grid. 
  2. Create the master file using that common reference point. The master file can be saved locally or published to Trimble Connect. 
  3. For each reference file, create a copy of the master file. 
  4. Once work in a reference file is complete, save the file and publish it to Connect. 
  5. Open the master file and select Import Visual Reference Model from the File menu or the Trimble Connect toolbar. 
  6. Add each reference as needed. 
  7. Save your master file locally to permanently include the visual references. 
Warning: If you publish a master file containing visual references to Trimble Connect without saving locally first you lose those references. 

If changes are made to a referenced file, you can update the master file using the Linked Models tab in the Trimble Connect Collaboration Manager. 

Referenced models with updates will have a download icon ()  next to them. Click the icon to update the reference in the master file.