Previewing Scenes

After launching, Diffusion captures an image of the current viewport of your model in the Preview pane. 

SketchUp Diffusion uses the viewport you see in the Preview pane as the original input for any generated output. After clicking Generate, one generated image will appear in the Preview pane and additional generated images appear as  thumbnails at the bottom of the pane. Selecting a thumbnail will show that image in the main section of the Preview pane. 

If you make changes to your model’s viewport, like changing the camera angle or editing your model, you can click Refresh () in the top right of the Preview pane to generate images with the updated viewport. 

Note: Diffusion only generates images on top of an existing model viewport. Generated images cannot be used as an input source. If a generated image appears in the Preview pane, Diffusion always uses the last loaded SketchUp viewport as input.
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