Settings Panel

The Preferences panel () in SketchUp for iPad allows you to customize a few basic settings to fit the way you work. When you open Preferences you'll see two categories - Pencil & Multitouch and General.

Pencil & Multitouch

The Pencil & Multitouch category contains the following sections:

  • Pencil Mode - Here you can select which mode you want to use when creating models: Just Draw or Click-Move-Click
  • Apple Pencil Double-Tap Gesture - Designates what happens when you use the double-tap gesture with an Apple Pencil. You can choose from:
    • Off
    • Cancel
    • Previous Tool
    • Select
    • Eraser
  • Quick Pinch - Designates what happens when you use a quick pinch gesture. You can choose from:
    • Zoom Extents
    • None


The General category contains the following sections:

  • File Save - Here you'll see a slider allowing you to set the frequency SketchUp for iPad will autosave a recovery backup file of your current model. You can also set if you always, want SketchUp to ask, or never want SketchUp to purge unused objects when saving,
  • Textures - Toggle on to use the maximum texture size.

AR Model Viewing - Toggle on to use a model's real origin for the anchor when using AR.