SketchUp Viewer for Meta Quest Release Notes

V3.2.2 - June 2024

Release Notes

  • Ambient Occlusion, off by default. 
  • Controllers AO is disabled
  • Fade in / Fade out Scene transition is fixed
  • Introduced instrumentation for demo models

V3.2.1.0 - May 2024

Release Notes

  • Introduced the option to open a Demo File without the need to Sign In.
  • Added a new sequence of onboarding animations for model navigation and manipulation once the Demo File is loaded.
  • Included a new onboarding card for Passthrough once a model is loaded after Signing In.
  • Enabled an Ambient Occlusion post-process effect in both tabletop and immersive modes.
  • Added a new “Styles” Tray in the overflow menu.
  • Included an on/off toggle for the Ambient Occlusion effect under the new “Styles” tray.
  • Added an Ambient Occlusion shortcut on the “B” button of the right controller that enables and disables the Ambient Occlusion effect.

V3.2.0.0 - Apr 11 2024

Release Notes

  • Introduced a new persistent toolstrip with a horizontal reposition handle in both tabletop and immersive modes
  • Added a “Home” button on the new toolstrip that leads to the landing home page
  • Added shortcuts to all the main commands along the new toolstrip, namely “Presentation Mode”, “Passthrough”, “Camera Location”, “Dimensions”, “Reset Table” “Elevator”, and “Return to Tabletop”
  • Introduced a “hamburger button” that displays all menus in an expandable panel.
  • Introduced brand new iconography for all tools hosted along the toolstrip in line with the SketchUp iconography found on Desktop, Web, and Mobile
  • Introduced Passthrough for tabletop and immersive modes
  • Added an onboarding pop-up window that illustrates how to enable the passthrough functionality
  • Added a passthrough shortcut button on the Y button of the left controller that enables and disables the passthrough mode
  • Added haptic response whenever the passthrough mode is enabled or disabled
  • Migrated to Universal Rendering Pipeline by Unity3D
  • Improved shading for SketchUp models to better represent depth based on viewing angles

V3.1.1.0 - Dec 20 2023

Release Notes

  • Improved the loading time of SketchUp files on the Recent Models page.
  • Improved the loading time of Trimble Connect folders and SketchUp files on the Trimble Connect page.
  • Introduced a Loading animation in the Recent Models page to indicate when more files are being loaded.
  • Removed the model’s bounding box in both tabletop and immersive modes, avoiding its collision with the UI.
  • Extended the controller’s rays to reach the model surface rather than being interrupted by the model’s bounding box. 
  • Fixed a bug where texture transformations, such as scale and rotation, were not preserved from other SketchUp clients.
  • Fixed a bug where teleport was not working in immersive mode after navigating to a scene that was far away from the model.
  • Changed the EULA user interface to make it easier to click on the Terms & Conditions “Agree” button and continue to launch the application.

V3.1.0.0 - 20th Oct 2023

Release Notes

  • Introduced “Walk” inside the Presentation Mode enabling navigation with continuous movement using the thumbsticks.
  • Enabled parallel availability of “Walk” and “Teleport” inside the Presentation Mode on either controller.
  • Added the ability to switch between Teleport and Walk mode on either controller by pressing either thumbstick.
  • Added dynamic explainer tags attached to each thumbstick to indicate the active navigation mode for each controller.
  • Added a “Lock Mode” Inside the Presentation Mode feature that hides all UI and only allows transition between saved Scenes using either thumbstick.

V3.0.0.0 - 27th Sep 2023

New UI

  • The UI has been completely redesigned and features a dark theme across the board.
  • The new UI now offers a common experience across the Quest and the HoloLens 2 SketchUp Viewer apps.
  • Added a summon menu accessible with the A, B, X, and Y buttons on either controller.
  • Added the ability to jump into immersive mode by dropping the doohickey that appears in the summon menu.
  • Added a shortcut button to close the active model via the X button that appears in the summon menu.
  • Added a shortcut button to the Tools panel via the ☰ button on the left controller.

New Home Menu

  • The Home menu now allows loading files from the local device. 
  • Added the Trimble Connect tab that allows loading files directly from Trimble Connect projects.
  • Added the ability to use a Trimble Connect file offline.
  • Added the ability to copy a Trimble Connect file locally on the device.
  • Added a Learn section with video tutorials for all the major features of the application.
  • Added a feedback tab with all the ways that feedback can be shared with the SketchUp team.

Tabletop Mode

  • Introduced the Home Environment where models are loaded and navigated while in tabletop mode.
  • Introduced the Dynamic Table on top of which models are loaded. The Dynamic Table reacts dynamically to the size and rotation of the model.
  • Added controls for adjusting the rotation of the model and the height of the Dynamic Table inside the Tools menu.

Immersive Mode

  • Introduced a new Skybox environment that mirrors the color settings of the default SketchUp 2023 Desktop template.
  • Added an infinite Grid that represents the Ground and is aligned in height with the skybox’s horizon.
  • Added the ability to Pan, Orbit, and Zoom In/Out using the grip buttons of the controllers as described below.
  • Added the “Jump” option under the Tools menu.
  • Introduced the option to adjust the viewing height.
  • Introduced the “Elevator” feature that enables the viewer to move up/down floors if a floor is identified above or below the current viewing point respectively. 

Controls & Gestures

  • Enabled model or home environment pan via a single click of the grip button on either controller and moving the controller in any direction.
  • Enabled model zoom in/out via simultaneous click of grip buttons on both controllers and moving controllers together or apart.
  • Enabled model orbit and/or rotation via the simultaneous click of grip buttons on both controllers and moving controllers in opposite forward/backward directions.
  • Added ability to teleport or enter immersive mode by tilting the controller’s thumbstick forward and releasing
  • Added the ability to rotate the view by tilting the controller's thumbstick sideways
  • Added the ability to move backward by tilting the controller's thumbstick backward.

Tools Panel

  • The Measurement tool allows for measurements to be taken in either Tabletop or Immersive modes.
  • Measurements can be displayed in various units accessible via the settings.
  • Measurements can be deleted individually or all at once.


  • Added the Scenes tray that offers access to all Scenes saved in the .skp file. 
  • Introduced Presentation Mode that removes all other UI and only displays a carousel strip with all the available Scenes in the model and allows fast navigation.
  • Scenes can also be visualized as Markers in either Tabletop or Immersive modes.


  • Introduced the Tags tray that lists all Tags saved in the SketchUp file.
  • Added option to control the visibility of each individual Tag.


  • Added the Outliner tray offers access to the model organization tree the same way it does for SketchUp Desktop, Web, and Mobile.
  • Introduced the ability to select Groups or Components from the Outliner, which automatically opens an Entity Info window displaying information about the selected object, such as Object Definition, Assigned Tag, and its nesting location (What object it is contained in).
  • Added the ability to select objects with the controller directly in 3D space, which will also display the Entity info box.
  • Selecting objects either through the Outliner or directly in 3D space will highlight the objects and their potential instances in the Outliner as well as highlight their bounding box in 3D model space.  

Performance improvements

  • Improved the time that SketchUp models load by approximately 90% compared to previous versions.
  • Increased the amount of complexity of SketchUp models that can be loaded. The SketchUp Viewer for Quest can now load SketchUp models of up to 100MB or models with up to 2.7M faces. These numbers are approximate as the complexity of a model is also related to other factors like the resolution of textures found in the materials applied to the surfaces of the model.

Known Limitations

  • 3D Warehouse integration has temporarily been removed from the application.
  • The Collaboration Beta feature has temporarily been removed from the application.
  • The Map View is no longer available.
  • Any Measurements taken in the VR Viewer app are not saved with the SketchUp file and are not persistent once the viewing session is terminated.
  • When panning in Immersive mode the model appears to be sinking into the ground’s infinite grid.
  • The app does not support loading files through the AR|VR Extension from SketchUp desktop clients.
  • The new VR Viewer version 3.0.0 application is currently available only through the Meta Quest store and only compatible with the Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, and Meta Quest 3 devices.
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