Getting Started with 3D Warehouse

3D Warehouse is an incredible resource for anyone who uses SketchUp. Here’s just a snapshot of the ways you might use 3D Warehouse:

  • Download models that complete the look and feel of your own 3D model. For example, if you’re modeling a building, you can download 3D models of Bosch appliances, Marvin or Pella windows, Sherwin-Williams paint colors, and much more. The manufacturers themselves have uploaded some of these models, and you’ll find other brand-name models that 3D Warehouse users have created and shared.
  • Download models of woodworking projects. Woodworkers are among the many members of the 3D Warehouse community. You can search for models of woodworking projects that others have created to check out how the finished piece comes together. In the description, some users also explain how to find specific plans for a woodworking project that they’ve modeled and uploaded.
  • Upload models that you’ve created. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, you can share your models for others to download. Users who download your models can provide comments and feedback or ask questions.
  • Connect with other 3D Warehouse users. If you like a model you’ve downloaded or have questions about how it was created, you can read and add comments about the model or sometimes contact the model’s creator. If you crate 3D models professionally, you can use 3D Warehouse to show off your work and network with other SketchUp users online.

So where to start? The subarticles in this section point you to the basics most 3D Warehouse beginners need to know:

  • Accessing 3D Warehouse explains the ways you can open the 3D Warehouse main page.
  • After you know how to get to 3D Warehouse, Introducing the 3D Warehouse Interface orients you to the basic features on the 3D Warehouse main page as well as the model details page.
  • To upload models to 3D Warehouse or interact with other users, you need a 3D Warehouse account. Creating a User Account and Signing In helps you get started.
  • To create a personal or professional presence in 3D Warehouse, complete your 3D Warehouse profile. Managing Your 3D Warehouse Profile explains how to share information about yourself and work and how to link to your websites and social media profiles.