Downloading, Installing, and Authorizing SketchUp

New SketchUp Pro 2020 Users - Start Here

  1. Downloading SketchUp - Here you can download the latest version of SketchUp and get instructions on the installation process.
  2. Installing SketchUp Pro - If you're uncertain of the installation process for SketchUp you can get some step-by-step help here.
  3. Opening and Activating SketchUp Pro - Once you've installed SketchUp you might have some questions about getting authorized.
Please be aware that SketchUp must periodically "check in" with the licensing and subscription servers. The timer is 28 days and is initialized when you sign into SketchUp, signing out and back will also reset the timer. If you're offline on the 28th day you'll need to connect to the Internet and launch SketchUp once so that it can be renewed.

Additional Maintenence Topics for Existing Users

Classic License Maintenance