End of Support Policy

As time passes, sometimes things just don't work the same as they used to. Maybe there are security issues, or maybe things just don't work anymore. When that happens, it's time to move on. That's why we have an End of Support policy for older versions of SketchUp.

What is End of Support?

End of Support affects all SketchUp products installed on your desktop PC or Mac. When "End of Support" happens, the product you are using goes from being "Supported" to "Unsupported". Going forward, SketchUp desktop products will become unsupported on January 31st of the third year after the product's release year. For example, SketchUp 2022's End of Support date is January 31, 2025.

Why Have an End of Support Policy?

At SketchUp, we are committed to providing an excellent experience to our users. This means:

  • Providing products that work consistently and reliably.
  • Providing products and features that keep you and your data secure when used.
  • Providing products that meet the needs of today's practitioners.

By limiting the versions we support, we are able to provide a better experience to customers using supported versions.

Am I Supported?

SketchUp will always communicate what versions we currently support. You can check which version of SketchUp you are using in About SketchUp. For Windows users, you'll find About SketchUp in the Help menu. For Mac users, open About SketchUp from the SketchUp menu.

Older versions of SketchUp include the year in their name, and SketchUp version numbers always begin with the year that version was released. The default End of Support date for that version is three years after the year shown.

For example, in SketchUp 2022, you'll see 2022 as part of the logo, and the version number starts with 22. Therefore, SketchUp 2022's End of Support date is Jan. 31 2025.

The table below describes when End of Support will happen for various versions of SketchUp.

Version End of Support date
2019 and earlier Unsupported
2020 June 30, 2023
2021 Jan 31, 2024
2022 Jan 31, 2025

My Version is Unsupported. What Now?

If you are using an unsupported version of SketchUp, you should expect the following:

  • Some basic SketchUp features will not be available.
  • Extensions may no longer function as intended or no longer work at all.
  • When contacting SketchUp support, we will always ask you to upgrade to a supported version before providing further assistance.

Unavailable Features in Unsupported Versions

Web Services

All desktop versions of SketchUp operate what we call "Web Services." "Web Services" are SketchUp features that require an internet connection to work. Many of these features run within an embedded web browser in SketchUp.

The embedded web browsers in older versions of SketchUp are outdated and cannot be updated, making it hard to maintain quality of service or security when they are used. As a result, features that require web services no longer work in unsupported versions. Examples include:

  • 3D Warehouse
  • Extension Warehouse
  • Add Location
  • Generate Report
  • Sefaira
  • Live components
  • Trimble Connect
Extensions and Unsupported Versions

Many extensions also use embedded web browsers. As SketchUp evolves, extensions made to work with the most recent version may not work well with old versions.

Saving to Older Versions of SketchUp

Prior to the 2021 version of SketchUp, opening files created in newer versions of SketchUp in older versions required the user to save the new file into a format compatible with that older version. Starting with the 21.0 release of SketchUp we removed this problem by creating a versionless format that’s both forwards and backwards compatible. This avoids many quality and file management issues associated with supporting different version types.

Until June 30, 2023, while 2020 remains supported,you can still save into a 2020 version from SketchUp for Web.After June 30, 2023, when support ends for SketchUp 2020, saving to a version of SketchUp older than 21.0 from SketchUp for Web or any future SketchUp releases will no longer be possible.

From then on, SketchUp files created with version 21.0 or newer may be used across all supported platforms and SketchUp versions without the need to save a file to a compatible format.

Active subscribers can download and login to an older, still supported, version of SketchUp and down-save to an unsupported version when necessary.

How to upgrade your version of SketchUp to a Supported version

SketchUp encourages desktop users to use supported versions of SketchUp. Not only do you get access to all the most recent features and improvements, using a supported version of SketchUp helps make sure your SketchUp experience is as secure as possible.

SketchUp Pro and Studio Subscribers

Your subscriptions include supported versions of SketchUp Desktop. Download and install the most recent version of SketchUp here.

How can I find out if I am a subscriber?

Check your Trimble Account Management Portal. After you login, select Plan Settings to view your subscriptions. If you see SketchUp Free you are using the free version of SketchUp and do not have a subscription.

Not a subscriber?

Supported versions of the SketchUp's desktop software are included in the following subscriptions:

  • SketchUp Pro
  • SketchUp Studio
  • SketchUp for Higher Education

Not sure if you are a subscriber? Take a look at our SketchUp Subscriptions articles for more information.

What if I use a license key to access SketchUp?

Licenses for older versions of SketchUp, also known as a perpetual or "classic" license, provided users with a license key for that specific version of SketchUp. Classic licenses are only valid for the version that was purchased. If you have a classic license and would like to upgrade to the current version of SketchUp you will need to purchase a SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Studio subscription.

What if I wasn't the one that installed SketchUp on this computer?

It may be that you are using a computer where you did not install SketchUp yourself. For example:

  • You are using SketchUp in a Higher Education computer lab
  • You are in a larger company that distributes licenses to machines

In these cases your company or institution may have a more recent version available for you to update to. Contact your administrator to find out more.

Note: SketchUp Go and SketchUp Free DO NOT include access to the Desktop client.

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