Getting Started with Diffusion

System Requirements

SketchUp Diffusion is available on SketchUp for Desktop, SketchUp for iPad, and SketchUp for Web. Diffusion requires:

  • An active SketchUp Go, Pro, or Studio subscription
  • An internet connection

Diffusion is trained in English. While it may recognize some keywords in other languages, all text prompts should be written in English.

SketchUp for Desktop

To install SketchUp Diffusion on SketchUp for Desktop:

  1. Launch SketchUp for Desktop
  2. Open Extension Warehouse
  3. Search for SketchUp Diffusion
  4. Click Install
  5. A SketchUp Diffusion toolbar is now available. SketchUp Diffusion also appears in the Extensions menu.

SketchUp for iPad

Introduced in version 6.4, SketchUp for iPad includes SketchUp Diffusion as part of the Expanded Toolset. Click or tap Diffusion () to open the Diffusion interface.

SketchUp for Web

SketchUp for Web includes SketchUp Diffusion in the Expanded Toolset. Click Diffusion () to open the Diffusion interface. 

Using Diffusion

When you first open SketchUp Diffusion you will see the option to enter a text prompt. After entering your prompt, click Generate. 

Image generation can take, on average, between 13 and 20 seconds. Processing time may vary based on the speed of your internet connection and the amount of available cloud computing resources. Once your images are generated Diffusion downloads the results and displays one result as a Preview then other results just below the Preview image.

You can click Generate again with or without changing your prompt to create new images. All generated images will remain available in the Diffusion panel during a modeling session. SketchUp Diffusion does not save those images across sessions. That means if you close your model or exit SketchUp those images will no longer appear in the Diffusion panel.

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