Managing a SketchUp Subscription

You can subscribe to SketchUp Shop, SketchUp Pro, or SketchUp Studio.

If you pay for a SketchUp Pro subscription, your subscription is active for the term listed on your invoice. In most cases subscriptions are for one year.

For more specific information about administering a subscription or for handling members and seats, be sure to visit our Help Center article about the Trimble Account Manager.

Check your subscription status

To check the status of your subscription in SketchUp Pro, follow these steps:

  • Select Help > Manage License.
  • Select the Subscription tab. While your subscription is active, you see the Active status in the Subscription Status area. If your subscription going to expire, you will see the Days Remaining; you can reinstate your subscription by clicking the Manage Subscriptions button.
  • (Optional) For more details, select the Manage Subscription button in the lower right.

If you purchased with a credit card from Trimble, your subscription will automatically renew until you disable automatic renewals. If your renewal fails due to an expired credit card or failed transaction, you have a 5-day grace period to resolve the issue. During this grace period, you see the following message in Action Manager on the right side of the document window:

This SketchUp license will expire in X days. Please update your license to SketchUp.

Ending your subscription

Subscriptions are pre paid for the length of the term and there are no refunds if you opt to stop using your subscription past the 14 day refund period. If you disable auto renewal for your subscription you can continue to use products and services until your subscription expires.

To opt out of automatic renewals for your subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Select Help > Manage License.
  2. Select the Subscription tab.
  3. Click the Manage Subscription button in the lower right of the Subscription tab. A browser window opens and prompts you to sign in to the Trimble Account Manager with your Trimble ID.
  4. From the main screen of the Account Management Portal, click the Edit Plan button in the top right.
  5. Uncheck the box “Auto renew my subscription at the end of my term.” and click Continue.