Using SketchUp Data with Other Modeling Programs or Tools

When you want to use SketchUp with other modeling programs or tools, that typically means you need to either

  • Import a file from another program into SketchUp.
  • Export your SketchUp model into a file format that works with another program.
Tip: When this article refers to other modeling programs or tools, that means programs outside the SketchUp family of software and tools. If you want to open a 3D model as a document in LayOut, create your own styles in Style Builder, or share models on SketchUp Mobile Viewer or the 3D Warehouse, these programs and tools are designed to work directly with SketchUp. Each of the these applications has its own section in the Knowledge Center, which can help you get up to speed quickly and easily.

Here, you find subarticles about working with CAD files, different types of image files, and other file formats designed for sharing 3D modeling data between applications. To import or export some of these files, you need a SketchUp Pro license or active SketchUp for Web, Go Edition subscription. The following table has a full list of the different types of files you can import into and export from SketchUp.

Note: The SketchUp Subscriptions have additional import and export options as well.
File Type File Extension(s) SketchUp Pro and Go Only? Learn More Here
CAD files .dwg, .dxf PRO and Go only Importing and Exporting CAD Files and Starting with a CAD File in SketchUp
Image files .jpg, .png, .tif, .bmp, .psd, .tga, .pdf, .eps Some file types are PRO and Go only Importing and Exporting Image Files
COLLADA files .dae Importing and Exporting COLLADA Files
3D Studio (3DS) files .3ds PRO and Go needed for export Importing and Exporting 3DS Files
Digital elevation models (DEM files) .dem, .ddf Importing DEM Files for Terrain
FBX files .fbx PRO and Go only Exporting FBX Files
Google Earth files .kmz Exporting KMZ Files for Google Earth
OBJ files .obj PRO and Go only Exporting OBJ Files
VRML files .wrl PRO and Go only Exporting VRML Files
XSI files .xsi PRO and Go only Exporting XSI files
IFC files .ifc PRO only Exporting IFC files
Tip: If you export your SketchUp model to another file type and receive an error, the article Solving a Blank Dialog or SDK Error When Exporting may help you resolve the problem.