Managing Your 3D Warehouse Profile

After you create a user account and sign in to 3D Warehouse, your profile is mostly blank. If you want to share your work and models in the 3D Warehouse community, a complete profile is a great way to introduce yourself and enable anyone interested in your models to contact you.

To edit your 3D Warehouse profile, sign in to 3D Warehouse and select Settings from the user menu. You see the Settings page shown in the following figure.

An empty profile on the 3D Warehouse Settings page

Tip: When you make changes to your 3D Warehouse profile, be sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the Settings page. If you don’t save your changes, you lose any new information you entered.

The Settings include the following:

  • Profile Photo: Your profile photo appears on your public 3D Warehouse profile page, the model details page of any model you upload, your collections, and your comments. To change your profile photo, click the image. In the Edit Thumbnail box that appears, you can drag and drop an image into the designated area or click Browse to navigate to an image saved on your hard drive. When you’re finished, click Save Changes.
  • Custom URL: This field enables you to set up a custom URL, which you can use to promote your uploaded 3D Warehouse models on your website, social media, and elsewhere. All URLs begin with You make the URL your own by typing unique text in the Custom URL field. After you click outside the Your URL field, a green checkmark appears to confirm that the text you typed is available.

    Note: The unique text you add for your URL is subject to the 3D Warehouse Terms of Use. Text or language that violates the Terms of Use is subject to removal.
  • Display Name: This is your public user name on 3D Warehouse. To change your display name, click in the field and type a new name.
  • About Me: Type whatever you’d like other 3D Warehouse users to know about you and your work. Your bio is limited to 500 characters.
  • Website & Social: Enter the URL for your website and for any social media account that’s relevant to your 3D Warehouse profile.
  • Email notifications: By default, all the email notification options in your user profile are turned on. If you don’t want to receive an email for any of these options, toggle the option to the off position. To turn off all notifications, click Unsubscribe From All.
  • Allow 3D Warehouse Users to Contact Me by Email: Select this checkbox, and a Contact button appears on your profile page. If you share models or use 3D Warehouse for professional networking, other users may want to contact you about how you created a model, whether you’ll provide permission to use your model in a presentation or game, and so on.

    Tip: When you enable the Allow Other Users to Contact Me option, your email doesn’t instantly become public to everyone in 3D Warehouse. Users see a Contact button and can email you via a form. After you receive an email via 3D Warehouse, the person who contacts you sees your email address only if you reply to their message.
  • Category: If you upload models specific to one of the listed categories, select the relevant category from the drop-down list. Doing so will make your models easier to find by category.
Tip: To avoid losing your changes, remember to click the Save button after you update your profile details.
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