Speeding Up Rendering with Fast Styles

SketchUp Styles can add complexity to a model that slow down SketchUp as you work on your 3D model. To apply the styles you need while optimizing performance, use Fast Style. When a style qualifies as a Fast Style, SketchUp displays a badge like this:

If you apply a style created in SketchUp 2014 or earlier, the Fast Style doesn't display the badge until you force the style to update once in SketchUp.

A Fast Style disables a style's more taxing effects — that is, settings that require additional processing and slow down SketchUp as your model becomes more complex. If any of the following settings are enabled, then the style will lose its classification as a Fast Style and the badge will no longer appear.

Edge Styles
  • Profiles
  • Depth Cue
  • Extension
  • Endpoints
  • Jitter
  • Sketchy Edges
Face Styles
  • X-Ray with Transparency: Medium
  • X-Ray with Transparency: Nicer
  • Transparency: Medium
  • Transparency: Nicer

Every face style, including X-Ray, with Transparency set to Medium or Nicer will lose the Fast Style classification. The one exception is the Wireframe face style, which remains a Fast Style with any Transparency setting.

Tip: Additional settings, such as the Fog and Shadow settings, may affect a model's performance. If you're still seeing slower performance in SketchUp, see Improving Performance
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