Downloading SketchUp

Before you choose to install SketchUp, please read the hardware requirements.

SketchUp Pro 2019

You might notice that you need to log in to gain access to SketchUp. You'll need an account to access any of our products from here on out, so starting here will streamline you're whole experience. You're welcome!

For the English version of SketchUp Pro (64-bit) for Windows, we have a MSI available for download. Please note that we don't offer technical support on distributing the MSI across your network. Before using the MSI, be sure to check for the following:

Other Versions of SketchUp

SketchUp Make is no longer supported. Instead, try SketchUp Free, a browser-based version of SketchUp that's free to use. You can learn about SketchUp Free in the Help Center or start using SketchUp Free right away in your web browser.

You can also download a previous version of SketchUp Pro.