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Custom locations missing after installing SketchUp

Previous versions of SketchUp (6.0.514 and earlier) store custom locations in the "sketchup.tzl" file, which is located in the path below:

SketchUp 6.0.514 and earlier
"C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 6\Support\"

SketchUp Pro 5
"C:\Program Files\@Last Software\SketchUp 5\Support\"

Newer versions of SketchUp (6.4.112 and above) store custom locations in the "locations.dat" file in "C:Program Files\Google\Google Sketchup #\Resources\en-US\"

To transfer your custom locations to a newer version of SketchUp, open the "sketchup.tzl" file with a text editor, copy the contents, and paste them into the "locations.dat" file.