Drawing Lines, Shapes, and 3D Objects

No matter how simple or complex your model, every model in SketchUp is really just edges and faces. The drawing tools enable you to create those edges and faces.

If you’re a beginner to drawing in SketchUp, start simple:

If you’re eager to draw detail and complex 3D models, these Help Center articles can help you expand your drawing skills:

If you need to draw precisely, discover how to offset a line and measure angles and distances.

If examples help you understand how to apply and combine drawing techniques, check out the articles on creating specific shapes, such as a cone or sphere, and objects, such as a chair or building footprint.

Before you know it, you’ll be modeling your house, that custom dining room table you’ve been wanting to make, or the modern storefront that you envision (where others see only a dilapidated parking lot).

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