Checking Catalog Analytics

With a subscription to the 3D Warehouse catalog features, you can monitor the analytics for your 3D Warehouse catalog. On the Analytics page, you can see an overview your catalog’s views, downloads, and likes. You can also track the performance of specific collections or models.

To access your Analytics page, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the 3D Warehouse.
  2. From the user menu in the upper right, select Analytics.

Tip: If you don’t already subscribe to the 3D Warehouse catalog features but are interested in adding features such as analytics to a 3D Warehouse collection, contact the Sales team for the 3D Warehouse and manufacturers.

The following sections introduce each section of the Analytics tab and how to discover details about your catalog and the models and collections within it.

Table of Contents
  1. Filters
  2. Performance
  3. Geography


By default, you see a date filter that enables you to see analytics for the past day, month, year or a custom date rage. Click a date box, and you can select a new date in the calendar that appears. After you select an option, the view automatically updates.

If you limit the view to a specific model or collection in the Performance area, a filter for that item appears in the Filters area, too.


The Performance area shows a graph of your views, likes, and downloads. To hide any performance metric in the graph, click it so that the item is formatted with strikethrough. Click it again to make it reappear in the graph.

Below the graph, a table shows specific metrics for your catalog and for each model and collection.


In the Geography area, shown in the following figure, click areas on the map to see analytics for specific geographic regions.

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