Outliner Panel

The Outliner panel helps you organize, view, and manage groups and components in your model.

With Outliner you can:

  • Better navigate large models.
  • Name each group or component in your model.
  • Find a specific group or component.
  • Manage your model's hierarchy.
  • Control the visibility of the groups and components in your model.

When you open the Outliner panel, the name of your model appears at the top of the hierarchy with each group and component nested under it. At the top of the panel you'll see the following:

  1. The visibility icon. Use this icon to turn visibility on or off for all entries in your model's hierarchy. The same icon appears next to each entry, allowing you to toggle visibility for individual components or groups.
  2. Collapse/Expand. Collapses or expands all entries of your hierarchy.
  3. Delete. Select an entry and tap Delete to remove the selection from your model. Deleted entries will appear in the Unused section of the Outliner panel.
  4. 3D Warehouse. Open 3D Warehouse.

A Menu icon () appears next to each entry in your hierarchy, offering the following options:

  • Insert - Makes a copy of the component, allowing you to place it in your model.
  • All Instances - Selects each instance of the selected component.
  • Edit - Opens the Edit Component Details modal.

For more information on all the things you can do with outliner, see Working with Hierarchies in the Outliner.

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