Eraser Tool

The Eraser tool () isn't just an eraser. SketchUp's Eraser tool can remove geometry from your model, Smooth or Unsmooth entities, and even Hide parts of your model.

In SketchUp for iPad, the Eraser tool has 3 optional tool modes:

  • Smooth () - Smoothing an edge adds shading and makes it's bounding edges look smooth.
  • Unsmooth () - Converts any "Smoothed" geometry into visible geometry.
  • Hide () - Hides the "erased" geometry but leaves any bounding facets as though the line were still there.
Keyboard Shortcut: Press E on the keyboard to select this tool.

iPad Input Methods for the Eraser Tool

After choosing the Eraser tool and activating any optional tool modes, you can use any of the applicable iPad input methods below to Erase, Smooth, Unsmooth, or Hide geometry.

Pencil - You can use the Eraser tool in either Just Draw or Click-Move-Click mode. Draw a line across the geometry you want to modify with the Eraser tool.

Multitouch -Mark your starting position with a long press, then draw a line across the geometry you want to erase.

Touchpad or Mouse - Click or press and hold down the mouse button or touchpad where you want to start drawing, then drag across the geometry you want to erase.

If you want to learn more about how you can use the Eraser tool in your models, see Erasing and Undoing or Softening, Smoothing, and Hiding Geometry.

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