Measurement Tools

With the Tape Measure tool () and the Protractor tool () you can add a level of precision to your models by including accurate measurements when creating geometry. For more tips on using these measurement tools in your models see Measuring Angles and Distances to Model Precisely.

Tape Measure

The Tape Measure tool helps you measure distances and set precise guides. In SketchUp for iPad, the Tape Measure tool has the following optional tool modes:

  • Turn Off Guides () - When activated, removes existing guides without deleting them.
  • Delete Guides () - Deletes all existing guides.
  • Inference Locks - Activating one of these optional tool modes restricts drawing to a specific inference point:
    • Lock X () - The X axis or Red plane.
    • Lock Y() - The Y axis or Green plane.
    • Lock Z () - The Z axis or Blue plane.
    • Lock Parallel () - Parallel to a selection or the last line drawn.
    • Lock Perpendicular () - Perpendicular to a selection or the last line drawn.

The Tape Measure tool works just like the Line tool. See the Input Methods section in Line Tool for more information on how to use the Tape Measure tool with the different iPad input methods.


The Protractor tool helps you create accurate angles in your model or measure existing angles. The Protractor tool does not have any optional tool modes.

After choosing the Protractor tool, you can use one of the iPad input methods in either Just Draw or Click Move Click mode..

Mouse or Touchpad

Click and release to set the center of the arc. Click again at the desired radius then move to your desired arc length.

Multitouch or Apple Pencil

Long press to set the center of the arc. Drag and release at your desired radius. Long press again and drag to determine the angle and create your arc.

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