SketchUp 2019.1 Installers

With the launch of SketchUp 2019.2, some breaking changes were introduced to our APIs that have caused certain extensions to stop working when you upgrade to SketchUp 2019.2.

We are providing this page for a limited time to users that need to ‘downgrade’ back to SketchUp 2019.1 to be able to use certain extensions. If you have upgraded to SketchUp 2019.2 and find that an extension that is critical to your workflow has stopped working, you can use this SketchUp Help Center Article to download SketchUp 2019.1 installers. We also recommend that you reach out to the extension developer about upcoming updates and support for SketchUp 2019.2.

Hopefully this will get you back up and running!

SketchUp 2019.1 Installers: