SketchUp Diffusion (SketchUp Labs)

Note: SketchUp Diffusion is a SketchUp Labs feature. Labs features are still in active development and may change or be removed at any time. For more information see SketchUp Labs

SketchUp Diffusion allows you to combine your active SketchUp viewport with a text prompt to create a new, AI-generated image.


With the options available in Diffusion you can:

  • Define the visual style of your AI-generated images.
  • Control how much, or how little, your text prompt influences the output. 
  • Overlay the AI-generated output on top of your SketchUp model, creating a scene you can refer back to later.
  • Save and/or download the AI-generated output for later use. 

You can access Diffusion () in the Expanded Toolset. For more information on how Diffusion works see SketchUp Diffusion

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