Using SketchUp for Web

In SketchUp for Web you'll see most of the same tools and features you find in SketchUp's desktop version - just in slightly different places. Here we'll cover how to find and use the tools and features you need to create awesome 3D models including:

  • SketchUp for Web Tools - An overview of every tool available in SketchUp for Web, how to search for them, and where to find them. Learn what's included in both the Main Toolbar and the Extended Toolbar.
  • Using Shortcuts - Keyboard shortcuts can help speed up the modeling process. We&'ll cover what shortcuts are available by default and how to customize your shortcuts.
  • Creating Models - Learn about creating a model from a template, setting what unit of measurement your model will use, and inserting images.
  • Add Location - Contextualize your model with location data! With SketchUp for Web's location features you can embed latitude and longitude and import map imagery into your model.
  • Print to Scale - Available with a SketchUp subscription, learn how to set up a one-page scaled print of your model.
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