Classic License Errors

General License Errors

Not a Valid License / Not a Valid Serial Number and Authorization Code Combination

  • Try typing in the serial number instead of copy/pasting. Some email clients and PDFs turn our serial number "dashes" into identical-looking "bashes" which are not recognized by our licensing system.
  • The most common reason this error message occurs is when a SketchUp version, serial number, and/or authorization code don't belong to each other. Your active serial number and its unique authorization code can be found in the License Manager. Get the new authorization code by clicking on the email button below the license number.
  • The version you're trying to authorize might not match the one you have a license for. You can see your active license version in the License Manager.

This SketchUp Pro License Has Been Used on Too Many Computers.

A Single-user license is intended to be used by one user on up to two devices. When you attempt to use SketchUp on a third device you will need to deauthorize a device before you can use it. Please see Deauthorizing Devices for more information.

This SketchUp Pro license was created on a different computer and will not work here.

Older versions of SketchUp Pro are tied to a specific computer. Copying license files between computers won't work. Please remove the license file and authorize SketchUp the Welcome page you see when you first launch the application. Use these steps to remove a license file:

  1. Navigate to the file path below:
    • Windows - C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019
    • iOS - ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2019
  2. Delete SketchUp.lic

This SketchUp Pro license is just plain broken.

When you have a corrupted license file you won't be able to use SketchUp. This can happen if the license file was changed or your system clock is off. Please remove the license and reauthorize SketchUp from the Welcome page.

Bummer, It looks like you're offline.

SketchUp licensing is managed online through a licensing server. You must be online to add or remove a license. Make sure you're connected to the internet and try again.

The SketchUp Pro licensing server is down.

This usually happens when something goes wrong on our end, but make sure you are online and that SketchUp has permission to access your internet connection. For more information see Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues within SketchUp.

Network Licenses

SketchUp Pro is having trouble connecting to the network licensing server.

If you have a network license, SketchUp must connect with the network license server every time it's launched. To use a network license offline you need to check out a license while connected so that you can use SketchUp offline. For more information see Managing a Network License.

An error occurred while checking out your license.

To check out a license you need to be online. Please see Managing a Network License for more information.

License check out expired. Your license has been checked out past its expiration date.

Checking out a license only lasts a limited amount of time. If you're offline for too long or fail to check in your license, it checks itself back in. You'll need to check out a license again.

Oops... All of the SketchUp Pro license seats are in use at the moment

Network licenses only allow a certain number of concurrent users. Check with your network administrator to be certain your license has an adequate number of seats to accommodate all users sufficiently.

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