Circle Tool

The Circle tool () does exactly what you think it does, adds circle entities to your model! Circles and other basic shapes often act as the foundation of a model. SketchUp draws circle entities that have a radius and connect multiple line segments. These segments appear as a circle and act as a single line that can define an edge or divide a face.

In SketchUp for iPad, the Circle tool has the following optional tool modes:

  • Increase Segments ()/Decrease Segments () - This tool mode is a little different. Tapping one of these modes before or after you draw allows you to increase or decrease the number of line segments used to draw your circle. The number of line segments used to make up your circle appears in the Measurements box. Each time you tap the Increase Segments or Decrease Segments optional tool mode adjusts the number of line segments by one. You can also use the Measurements box to adjust the number of line segments manually.
  • Inference Locks - Selecting one of these optional tool modes restricts drawing to a specific inference point:
    • Lock X () - The X axis or Red plane.
    • Lock Y () - The Y axis or Green plane.
    • Lock Z () - The Z axis or Blue plane.
    • Lock Parallel () - Parallel to a selection or the last line drawn.
Note: Inference Locks are one-time operations. Once you've drawn with an inference lock you'll revert back to the unmodified Circle tool.

KeyboardShortcut: Pressing C activates the Circle tool.

iPad Input Methods for the Circle Tool

After choosing the Circle tool and activating any optional tool modes, you can use one of the iPad input methods in either Click-Move-Click or Just Draw mode to start drawing circles.

Tip: You can enter an exact radius length using the Measurements box while drawing no matter which input method you decide to use.

Click-Move-Click Mode

Pencil or Multitouch - Establish the center point of your circle using a hard press. Gently moving allows you to find inferences. Hard press again to finish your circle.

Mouse or Trackpad - Click the starting point and release. Move your cursor to the desired radius and click again.

Just Draw Mode

All Modes - Click or tap and hold at the starting point, then drag to your desired radius. Lift or release at the desired radius.

For more detailed guidance for using circles and other basic shapes in your model see Drawing Basic Shapes.

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