SketchUp Desktop 2024.0.1

SketchUp Pro 2024.0.1
24.0.553 Win 64-bit
24.0.554 Mac 64-bit

SketchUp Release Notes

Trimble Connect

  • The Trimble Connect file picker now displays a progress indicator while loading projects or other data.
  • When SketchUp crashes with a cloud file open, you may recover a cloud file through the ‘Recovered’ file card that appears in the Welcome Window. Choose to open the recovered file and SketchUp will update the cloud file’s revision history automatically.
  • The Share a Link dialog could appear improperly scaled and was sometimes inaccessible.


  • Fixed an issue where opening a model with a sketchy edge style could lead to a crash.
  • (Mac) Working on demanding models on Apple Silicon Macs while using the new graphics engine with antialiasing set to no more than 0x no longer shows the scene as black or prevents updates in the scene. 


  • Fixed an issue where TrimBIM (.trb) files generated by Trimble Quadri were not imported successfully.


  • Fixed a crash which stemmed from a drawing tooltip activating while the SU application was spanning two monitors at separate scale factors.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur while attempting to import a Live Component or when performing other SU functions while a Configure Live Component window was already open. 


  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where SketchUp crashes when attempting to edit material from any library other than “In model”.
  • (Windows) Changed the installer options to have the Revit Importer and Scan Essentials boxes checked by default.
  • Document thumbnails no longer appear faded if saved while inside a group or component.

Known issues 

The following are known issues that will ship in 2024.0.1:

  • Using the new graphics engine, thumbnails for SketchUp models will not display shadows. Also, scene thumbnails are improperly rendering shadows.
  • (Win) Cursors may get stuck in resizing mode when resizing a docked tray. When this occurs: 
    • Double-click the tray header to switch to float mode.
    • Double-click the tray header again, redocking the tray.

LayOut Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where list text formatting would be lost on export.
  • (Win) Fixed a crash that could occur while accessing a SketchUp model viewport containing a section plane.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where reference links could be lost when saving with autosaving happening in close succession.

SketchUp Model Viewports

  • Fixed an issue where the Color by Material, Color by Axis or Color by Tag style in SketchUp was not being displayed using Vector or Hybrid mode in LayOut. This issue can also be seen exporting to pdf from SketchUp.
  • Fixed an issue when copying an SketchUp model viewport would not retain the style override.

LayOut inferencing

Inference improvements made in this release will assist in reducing the need to use the precision gizmo.

  • Entities covered by other entities or fills can now be inferenced when using Draft Mode.
  • Fixed an issue preventing finding inferences  within the bounds of SketchUp model viewport with Background enabled.

Experimental Graphics Engine

Text rendering with regards to  alignment, spacing, and scale has been a main focus of this patch release. Our goal is to allow you to work in the new Experimental Graphics Engine and experience the performance gains without any visual differences between the old and the new.  

  • Fixed an issue where an extra line in a label was added, making the text disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where applying larger font styles with the style selection tool would result in cropped text.
  • A “Labs” icon now appears next to the  Help Center Article link.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where pattern fills would look incorrect in certain cases.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where Kern value was not being applied.


  • Fixed an issue where additional style files were created when making any style modifications.  
  • Fixed an issue where objects with a clipping mask would not rotate correctly.
  • Fixed an issue when launching LayOut 2024, a 2023 directory would be created if one had not existed.
  • (Win11) Fixed an issue where the Text Style panel was not working properly.