Managing Subscription Plans

First - Are you in the right place? We started offering sign-in plans in 2018 for Go and in 2019 for Pro. The subscription plans found in the Trimble Account page do not have or need serial numbers. SketchUp Pro Classic license plans and authorization codes are not shown in the Trimble Account management portal, but rather are found in the License Manager. For other Classic license management needs, please reach out to us through our Contact form.

Account Management - Overview

Trimble subscription products (including SketchUp Pro, SketchUp Go and Studio) are managed through the Trimble Account Management Portal. Through this web service, account owners and company admins can to view the details of their subscriptions and assign/revoke subscription seats to members. Members who are assigned product seats will be able to download their products and deauthorize activations here.

If you purchased directly from one of our Sales Representatives or Authorized Resellers, you may need to contact them directly for some of the functions listed below. Admins/Owners of the SketchUp plan will see different options than Product Users.

Understanding Member Roles and Trimble Account Management Portal Pages Access

Account Owner (One Account Owner only)
This role has full access to aspects of the account's subscriptions. All of the email notifications, purchase invoices, and renewal notifications are sent only to the Account Owner. The Account Owner has access to these account pages:

  • My Products - if assigned a subscription seat
  • Members - here you can assign and revoke entitlements
  • Plan Settings - here you can manage your renewal preferences, add and reduce seats
  • Billing Information (online purchase only) - here you can manage your credit card information, and edit your address*
  • Payment History (online purchase only)

* Please note that at this time, it is not possible to change your company name

Secondary Account Owner (Website purchase only, not available for Sales or Reseller purchases)
There can be multiple Secondary Account Owners. The role has access to these account pages:

  • My Products (if assigned a subscription seat)
  • Members
  • Plan Settings
  • Billing Information
  • Payment History

Company Admin
This role is meant for an individual/s who is responsible for the provisioning of subscription seats. The role has access to these account pages:

  • My Products (if assigned a subscription seat)
  • Members
  • Plan Settings (View-only)

Product User
This role is for SketchUp subscription users who don't need any added account privileges. A Product User has access to:

  • My Products

Adding Members and Assigning Roles and Products in the Trimble Account Management Portal

The Trimble Account Management Portal (AMP) helps you easily manage who has access to your subscriptions. Account Owners, Secondary Owners, and Company Admins can do so through the Members page. If a user doesn't have that role, they won't see Members as an option in the AMP.

Note: If you have multiple free or purchase sub-accounts with your email and need to switch between them, you'll find the other sub-account names in a drop-down arrow on the left side after you enter the portal.
To Add Members

Each member is a named user, designated by their real first name, last name, and email address. To add a single user, click Add New User in the upper right corner.

Note: To add users with our bulk uploader tool, see this article.

In the User Details modal, enter the user's email address, real first and last name, select a role, and choose what products they can access. Clicking Add User adds that user to your members list.

Note: Any role can be assigned a product, but no role has to be assigned a product. If all available seats are taken, all products listed under Product Access will appear grayed out. If you weren't able to give that user access to a product at this time, you can revoke product access from a previous user or purchase another seat.
Things a Product User Needs to Do after Being Assigned a Product

If the user hasn't created a Trimble ID sign-in account yet, they'll be sent a link from [email protected] to create one. If a user missed their 72-hour activation window, they can get a new activation link through this link. Alternatively, an Account Owner or Admin can click the Resend Invite link on their Member listing.

If someone has already downloaded and used SketchUp when they are assigned a product, they might need to sign out and in again in the product.

New members will be emailed a link to their Trimble Account. If their role is Product User, not an Owner/Admin, then My Products will be the only page they will be able to see in their account. If they click on View Included Applications, they'll see their product download links.

To Change a Member's Role, Product Access, or to Remove a User:

To edit the settings for an assigned member, clicking on the three-dots button at the end of each row will allow you to Change Role, Modify Product Access, or Remove User. Each account can have multiple Secondary Account Owners and Company Admins.

Note that assigning the role of "Product User" does not give them access to a product automatically. "Product User" just means that they don't have the account privileges of the higher roles.

If a member's settings are changed, they will receive an email from [email protected] notifying them of that change.

If you are trying to replace the Account Owner or add a new Secondary Account Owner and it only allows you to make them a Company Admin, please see this article.

The "Last Active" Column
Have you ever wondered how many seats your company really needs? This column tells owners and admins if a member has activated their entitlement and when it was last used. If the member still hasn't created their sign-in account (Trimble ID), this column will show a link to resend the invitation (good for 72 hours) to activate their account.

Add or Subtract the Quantity of Product Seats

Buy additional subscriptions or cancel auto-renew for a few seats.

Note: Only an Account Owner/Secondary Account Owner of a subscription can perform this function or see these options, and only if they purchased directly through our website. If the subscription was purchased through a Sales Rep or SketchUp Reseller, please contact them to make these changes.
  1. To change the number of total users in the plan, click on the Plan Settings page link on the left side of the Trimble Account management portal. If you have multiple purchases through Sales or a Rep , you may need to click on the arrow next to the account name on the left to find the correct purchase's Plan Settings.
  2. On your purchased Plan, click on Edit Plan Settings in the upper right.
  3. Click on the Manage Seats in the window that comes up.
  4. Choose either the Add seats to this plan or the Remove seats from this plan option.
    Note: Removing seats takes effect at the end of the current subscription term. Also, if you have auto-renew turned off, you will need to turn it back on in order to remove seats.
  5. If you added seats, then click on Continue to Trimble, and make sure to agree to the Terms and Conditions before trying to finish the store purchase.

If you are removing seats, it will ask you which seats/users you would like to remove.

Upgrade/Downgrade Product Plans between Go, Pro, or Studio

Note: Only the Owner/Admin of a subscription can perform this function or see these options, and only if they purchased directly through our website. If the subscription was purchased through a Sales Rep or SketchUp Reseller, please contact them to make these changes.

If you want to change a product plan to a different one, this is a quick and easy process!

When upgrading, the prorated amount from the original plan will be applied to the cost of the upgraded plan based on your term date. The prorated price will be shown on the last screen in the online store, and the upgraded product is available to the user immediately (Note: You may need to sign out and back in to the product to trigger the new entitlement).

Downgrading a product takes effect after the original plan's end-date.

  1. Click on Plan Settings on the left lower menu of the Trimble Account management portal.
  2. Click the blue Edit Plan Settings link on whichever listed plan you wish to upgrade.
  3. After clicking Edit Plan Settings, Click on Manage Plan if you want to upgrade/downgrade all of the seats for that product. Click on Manage Seats if you only want to upgrade/downgrade some of the seats for that product.

    If you chose Manage Seats, then select the "Change seats to a different plan" option on the next screen, and then check the seats that you would like to change to a different product.

  4. Click on the plan that you wish to change to, and then click Continue.

    If you choose to downgrade but have auto-renew off, then you'll need to turn auto-renew back on, because downgrading only takes effect after the current subscription's end-date has been reached, so it only works if auto-renew is on. At the auto-renewal date, the subscription will then renew for the downgraded plan's price.

    If you choose to upgrade, this will take you to a confirmation window. If it looks correct, click on Yes and you'll be taken to a Shopping Cart.

  5. Once you've confirmed the correct credit card, click the checkbox in the lower left to agree to the Terms and Conditions and then click the Submit button.
  6. You'll see a confirmation message and then you'll get an email confirmation that will link you back to the Trimble Account page.
    Note: The proration of the subscription will show on the final checkout confirmation.

Upgraded products will show immediately inside the edit menu for each member under Modify Product Access, and the to-be-downgraded products will show the date that the downgrade will take effect.

Disable/Enable Auto-Renew or Request a Refund

If you disable auto renew for your plan, your subscription will not automatically renew for the following year. You will be able to access the products and features in your plan for the remainder of your subscription term. You can view your subscription term date in the "Plan Settings" section.

Note: Only the Owner/Admin of a subscription can perform this function or see these options, and only if they purchased directly through our website. If the subscription was purchased through a Sales Rep or SketchUp Reseller, please contact them to make these changes.
Alert: Disabling auto renew for your Plan does not result in a refund.

Per our Refund policy, we can only offer refunds if you make your request through our Customer Support form within 14 days of the purchase transaction and from the same email address or company domain associated with the account. When contacting us, please include the purchasing email address, the account number, and the purchase date.

  1. To disable your plan's auto-renewal, start in the "Plan Settings" tab on the left menu of the Trimble Account management portal.
  2. Click on the blue Edit Plan Settings link.
  3. Click the Manage Auto-Renewal option.
  4. Click on the Auto-Renewal Slider to activate or deactivate auto-renew, and then click Done.

Signed In to Too Many Computers? "Deauthorize All" to Free Up Activations

This message happens when SketchUp is authorized more than three times. This can occur if:

  • You have logged into SketchUp on too many devices.
  • You logged into multiple versions of SketchUp on one device.
  • There's a combination of too many versions and devices.

Only assigned end-users can deauthorize activations, and only for their own activations on their own account page. An owner or admin cannot do this for the product users under the Admin account.

If you see this message, click on "Manage Activations" to sign into your Trimble Account management page, and then close all versions of SketchUp and LayOut on all computers, if possible.

Under the My Products menu item, the assigned user should look for SketchUp Pro or Studio (not Trial or Free).

Note: If you don't see your assigned product, you may need to change from your personal free or trial account to the purchased account by clicking on the account name on the left (it may say Personal Account, or it may be a company name).

In My Products, click on View Included Applications and find SketchUp Pro. Click on Manage Devices under your plan description.

On the pop-up window that comes up, click on the "Deauthorize All" button to confirm the choice.

IMPORTANT: Back in the SketchUp program, click on the small profile icon to sign out, and then sign back in again when prompted (a "Sign Out" option is also found in the Help menu). If you run into any issues with this, let us know!

Payment History

Note: Only the Owner/Admin of a subscription can perform this function or see these options, and only if they purchased directly through our website. If the subscription was purchased through a Sales Rep or SketchUp Reseller, please contact them to make these changes.

You're able to see all subscription transactions in the Trimble Account management portal if you are an account Owner. Note that this list will not include purchases of a "Classic" license (the older plans that came with a serial number).

Invoices: If you need your invoice/receipt, please check your spam folder for the original (it would have come from [email protected]), but you can request another copy of it by contacting either your SketchUp Reseller if you used one, your Sales Rep, or through Customer Service. In the request, please include the date of purchase, account number, and purchasing email address.

Renewals and Billing Information

Note: Only an Owner of a subscription purchased through our website can perform this function or see these options. If the subscription was purchased through a Sales Rep or SketchUp Reseller, please contact them to make these changes. The Account Owner can find their Sales Rep or Reseller's contact info in Plan Settings.

If you purchased with a credit card through the SketchUp website , your subscription will automatically renew unless you disable automatic renewals. If your renewal fails due to an expired credit card or failed transaction, you have a 5-day grace period to update the credit card information. During this grace period, you'll see the following message inside the SketchUp program, in the Action Manager (a small pop-up on the right side of the SketchUp model window):

This SketchUp license will expire in X days. Please update your license to SketchUp.

If you want more or fewer product seats to renew, instructions to change the renewal seat totals are in these instructions. If too many seats have already renewed and you need a refund, please contact Customer Support.

Under Billing Information in the Trimble Account management portal, you can update your billing details and credit card information. At the moment you cannot update your company name, but that feature is coming. If the subscription has expired for more than 5 days then you cannot renew that expired subscription and you would instead purchase a new subscription. New purchases can be made under the same account email or a new email.

The Billing address can be edited in the Payment Method settings below the Account Information. The Account Address helps set the tax obligations.

Note: The Billing Information is independent from your User Profile settings. If you wish to edit your User Profile settings you may do so by clicking Edit Profile in the left sidebar.

Edit Profile or Remove Your Sign-in Account

In the Edit Profile section of the Trimble Account page, you can change your language preferences, timezone, password, address, and other information.

Beware that removing your account here will delete your access to your subscription and will remove some records of your purchase. Removing your account is not the right way to cancel a subscription renewal. You can cancel a subscription renewal with these instructions.

Editing the Profile does not let you change the account owner. To add a new Account Owner or modify the role of a member to Account Owner, please see this section.

Deleting Your Account Entirely
If you wish to delete both your purchase and all of your contact information from our records, you can erase your information from our systems from the link in our Privacy site. Know that deleting all of your contact information will impair our ability to ever create a refund or find any history of your purchases. Your account would be completely eliminated. This includes lost access to files saved in Trimble Connect, files in the 3D Warehouse, Extension purchases, and anything else connected with that account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I see how many seats are available?

At the moment, the only place to see available seats is when you attempt to assign a product to a user by clicking on the three dots to the right of a user, and selecting Modify Product Access. We are working on making this feature more visible.

How can I unsubscribe from newsletters?

If you wish to stop receiving emails from the SketchUp group, you can unsubscribe from within the email itself, or you can go directly to our Preference Center.

If you think something else should be on this page, please provide the link to this article in a Help Ticket and tell us what other subscription management questions you have!