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What is co-terming-proration?

If you have multiple subscriptions in your account, we can help you configure each subscription to have the same renewal date. This is called co-terming. When co-terming your subscriptions, we'll adjust the cost, or prorate, applicable subscriptions so they share a renewal date.

Here's an example:

Alison purchased a subscription with a renewal date of May 1, 2024. Two weeks later, she purchased another subscription. Rather than renew the second subscription on May 15, 2024, SketchUp will prorate the cost for the new subscription, adjusting the subscription cost with credit for the two weeks difference. Both subscriptions will now share the same renewal date of May 1, 2024.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my SketchUp subscription?

Refund requests must be made within 14 days of the original transaction. To request a refund, or if you have questions regarding a refund, contact our Support team using our Customer Support contact form. The refund request must come from the same email address or company domain associated with your SketchUp account. Please include the email address used for the transaction, the account number, and the date of the transaction.

Can I buy a SketchUp Subscription as a one-time-only purchase?

SketchUp Subscriptions are available for purchase as a pre-paid annual subscription. If you do not wish to continue your subscription you may remove your auto-renewal options at any time in the Account Management Portal. For more information see Billing and Payment.

I have not received a verification email. What should I do?

The best way to make sure you receive all communications in regard to your Sketchup subscription please whitelist the following email addresses or domains:

If those email addresses or domains haven't been whitelisted, it's possible that your licensing email was redirected to a spam folder. If you're unsure how to whitelist an email address in your spam filter settings, you may consider adding [email protected] to your address book or contacts list.

If you have a Classic License, use our License Manager to locate your authorization code or by clicking the email icon below your license number in SketchUp.

If you still need some help, please fill out a support contact form with your account or license details, what steps you have tried, and all of your contact information included.

How do I obtain an invoice for my purchase?

Receipts are sent directly to your email at the time of purchase from the domain "" If you require a copy of your receipt, contact our support team by clicking here for assistance.

How can I cancel SketchUp Studio trial?

You can stop using your free trial at any time and there is no need to cancel the trial. Since we don't collect payment information when you sign up for the trial, we won't charge you when it's over. If you would like to uninstall SketchUp after your trial please see Uninstalling SketchUp.

Is there a contract with a SketchUp subscription? Can I cancel anytime?

When you purchase a SketchUp subscription, you'll pay for the full term of your annual subscription. You have 14 days from the date of purchase to request a full refund.

No refund requests, full or partial, are accepted after 14 days from the date of purchase. You may adjust your auto-renew options in your Account Management Portal any time to make sure you aren't charged again at the end of your subscription period. You will still be able to access the products and features in your bundle for the remainder of your subscription term.

To request a refund, contact our customer support team.

Is there a monthly subscription tier or payment plan available for SketchUp?

No. SketchUp is available for purchase as a pre-paid annual subscription.

Can I use SketchUp for free?

Yes! SketchUp Web is a truly free product for personal projects (non-commercial applications). It works with most devices using a current web browser.

We also offer a free trial of SketchUp Studio, our premium subscription tier. Click here for more information about our free trial.

Are there quantity discounts for SketchUp Pro?

Yes, there are quantity discounts available when purchasing multiple copies of SketchUp Pro at the same time. For more information, visit the "Buy" section of the SketchUp website at

Can I upgrade a license purchased from a reseller?

To upgrade a license provided by a reseller, please contact the reseller for their upgrade terms.

Do you offer licenses specifically for non-profit organizations?

Qualifying organizations may be able to obtain a SketchUp Pro subscription at a highly discounted cost. Please visit the SketchUp for Non-Profits website to determine if your organization is eligible and fill out the form to apply.

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