Incorrect error message when changing an edge style value

This is only an issue on the Windows operating system. In the Styles browser Edit tab, you change one of the edge settings (e.g. Profiles, Depth cue, Endpoints, or Jitter) to have a value between 1 and 99, but you see an error message "Please enter an integer between 1 and 99."

This is likely caused by the fact that the Edge Extension value, which is on the “Edge Settings” tab of the Styles browser, has an incorrect value of 0.

To resolve this error: 

  1. Open the Styles browser.
  2. Click on the Edit tab.
  3. Click on the Edge Settings icon, which is the first one on the left.
  4. Check the Extension check box.
  5. Change the extension value from 0 to something else - e.g., 1.
  6. Uncheck the Extension check box (unless you want to see edge extensions).

You should now be able to change your other edge settings without getting the error message.

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