Bugsplat Crash Message in SketchUp

BugSplat (click www.bugsplatsoftware.com to learn more!) is a 3rd party software application that is integrated in SketchUp to help improve the quality of the product. BugSplat helps us troubleshoot SketchUp crashes by allowing crash information to be sent to us.

How Does it Work?

If SketchUp crashes you will see the following dialog indicating that SketchUp has crashed.

This dialog gives you the option to send us information regarding the crash you just experienced. We encourage everyone to submit this form! Submitting a description of what you were doing prior to the crash is key to helping us reproduce the crash and fix it. The following are examples of descriptions that are really helpful (though any kind of description is useful):
SketchUp seems to crash consistently when I do the following:

  1. Open SketchUp
  2. Draw a rectangle
  3. Select it
  4. Edit > Copy
  5. Edit > Paste - crash


SketchUp crashed when exporting my model to dwg. Others models seems to export fine.

Providing your email and name is also helpful as it is is possible, if we are stuck, we may contact you regarding the crash.

How we use the data you submit

The data you submit allows us to gather information on our crashes as a whole and gives us some details, mostly at the code level, about each crash. We use this data in a few ways:

  • If you contact Technical Support, we may look up your specific crash to see if we can give you some information that will help you.
  • We analyze which crashes are our top crashes and, each release, we try to solve them.
  • Once we solve a crash or come up with a workaround, we add that information to the crash so that, if you submit that crash to us, you will get an update from us containing that information.

We unfortunately cannot monitor every crash that comes in and we usually do not contact the submitter of the crash. The data you submit though is very crucial as we do analyze it and often take action on it.

Crash troubleshooting steps

Some steps you can do to try to troubleshoot a crash include:

  • Try updating your graphics card driver via the following steps:
  • Alternatively, if you just updated your graphics drive and the crash started occurring, try rolling back your graphics driver.
  • Try running SketchUp with Ruby plugins disabled to see if a Ruby plugin is the culprit.
  • See whether the crash is reproducible - i.e., can you repeat it if you do a specific set of steps?
  • See whether the crash is reproducible - i.e., can you repeat it if you do a specific set of steps?
  • See whether the crash happens with all SketchUp models or just the one you are working on.
  • See whether the crash occurs in a previous version of SketchUp if you have multiple versions of SketchUp installed on your machine.
  • Try closing other running applications to see if SketchUp is conflicting with another application you have open.
  • Try opening the SketchUp file and copying & pasting the geometry into a new SketchUp file.
  • Try opening the SketchUp file and clicking "Window" > "Model Info" > "Statistics" > "Purge unused."
  • If you have installed SketchUp in a non-default location, try installing it to the default location.
  • If you have multiple user accounts on your machine, try logging on as a different user and see if the crash is still reproducible.
  • Try closing all of your SketchUp dialogs/trays to see if the crash still occurs.
  • Submit the crash to us to see if we have any updates on the crash for you.

Getting Help

If you are experiencing a crash and need immediate help, contact technical support or visit our SketchUp forums.

Please be aware, for our support team to assist you with a reported bug, you must include your email address when submitting your original Bugsplat.
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