SketchUp Desktop 2021.1.2

SketchUp Pro 2021.1.2
21.1.332 Win 64-bit
21.1.331 Mac 64-bit

What’s new in 2021.1.2?

In this intermediate release, we are addressing important feedback from the SketchUp 2021.1 release and fixing issues that should not remain broken longer than necessary.

The first notable change is that we are cleaning up the interference of shortcuts on tool mode states on Mac versions of SketchUp. Now (as on Windows), using custom hotkeys or default shortcuts (like Undo or Select All) should not change tool modifiers in a majority of cases.

Another undesirable outcome of our 2021.1 release was the persistence of the Move tool’s Copy mode across multiple operations. We decided to address this pain point while also acting on a feature request to make the persistent Copy mode more efficient. For starters, after placing a Copy, the Move tool will revert to its default state.

What about the persistent copy mode? Based on feedback, we have determined that making multiple copies is a different enough workflow to warrant a new modifier mode for the Move tool called Stamp Copy. When stamping, each click will produce a copy. Stamp Copy can be used with relative moves and also inference locking. To activate Stamp, press the Copy modifier key twice before the first click of a Move operation. Once you start moving an object, Stamp is not available.

The other behavior change in this update is that Scale tool modifiers can now be operated as either persistent toggles or single-use press-and-hold modifiers. To the extent possible, we do feel it is important to offer tool modifiers as toggles without forcing people to unlearn years of SketchUp muscle memory.

In addition to these changes, we’ve also fixed several important bugs, noted below.

SketchUp Release Notes

Bug fixes/ Additional Improvements
  • Fixed an issue where a very large model would silently fail to save. An error will now be displayed to help prevent data loss. A permanent fix for these rare failures will be included in an upcoming release.
  • Fixed an issue where Context Menu items would “gray out” after a period of time on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue where icons were not appropriately spaced when opening a model on the Mac with Big Sur OS.
  • Updated our infrastructure for Live Components. While the behavior of Live Components is not changing now, in the near future, these changes will allow us to improve Live Component load time and fluidity of use between components. If you haven’t tested Live Components recently, you can browse and test the new Live Components that we’ve been introducing in SketchUp Labs throughout this year.
Known issues

The following are known issues that we are currently planning to fix in later releases:

  • When stamping with raw geometry on raw geometry, there are cases where the originally copied geometry may deform as a result of intersecting geometry. We intend to fix this in an upcoming release.
  • In Stamp mode, Measurements Box input for distance and arrays is not yet enabled. If you’d like to use the Measurements Box while making a copy in Stamp, you may hit the copy modifier key twice to enter standard Move/Copy.
  • On Mac, shortcuts that use two keys (like Shift + Command) may still result in a tool mode change. On Windows, only Eraser and Paint Bucket modifiers are impacted by dual key shortcuts.

LayOut Release Notes

Bug fixes / small features added
PDF Export
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where font spacing could be incorrect when using superscript or subscript fonts.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where exported List Text was not exported correctly.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where Wingding fonts would not export.

SketchUp API Release Notes

  • Fixed grayed out menu entries, as mentioned above. While technically not an API issue, having numerous extensions installed made this more visible.