Performing a Silent Install as an Administrator

Administrators deploying SketchUp on a large scale have the option to run silent distributed installations. 

Note: Performing silent installations is an advanced procedure and should only be handled by a network administrator. 

Offline Silent Installation

Silent installations can only be performed on Windows platforms. Before running an offline silent installation the following prerequisites must be installed:

Default Silent Installation

To install SketchUp with English as the default language and C:\Program Files\ as the installation path follow these steps:

  1. Download the most current SketchUp installer from Download All . The full installer includes all of the language packs.
  2. Open the Windows Command Prompt.
  3. Run the following script: 
    • SketchUpPro{installer_name}.exe /silent
  4. Installation can take a few minutes. During this time no additional windows open.

Custom Silent Installation

A customized install will use a language other than English or a specific installation path. To perform a customized installation, modify the installation script using one of the following commands:

  • FEATURES adds languages or Studio features. 
  • INSTALLDIR specifies the install destination.

For example, to install SketchUp in French along with Scan Essentials and Revit Importer in the default directory use the following command:

  • SketchUp-2024-0-553-221.exe/silent/FEATURES=fr,scan_essentials,revit_importer

To install SketchUp in a custom directory use the following command:

  • SketchUp-2024-0-553-221.exe/silent/INSTALLDIR=C:\Apps\Sketchup2024
Note: SketchUp does not recommend or support custom installation to any location other than a device's local drive.

Studio Features

Studio Feature CodeFeature
scan_essentialsScan Essentials for SketchUp
revit_importerRevit importer for SketchUp

1 Studio features may require additional licensing.
2 Studio features do not support custom installation directories, only SketchUp does.

Supported Languages

Feature CodeLanguage
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
en_onlyEnglish only (when installing on a non-English OS)


The InstallShield.log created during installation can be found in the directory where you ran the installation. This log can contain information useful for troubleshooting.

If you experience any issues when following these steps, please contact our support team for additional assistance.
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