Link Sharing

There are plenty of reasons to share your models with others. Maybe your stakeholders need a progress report, or maybe you want to send a copy to a client. Sometimes sending a .skp file isn't ideal. What if they accidentally erase some of your work? What if they end up sending it to someone you didn't want to share it with? With Link Sharing, SketchUp makes it easy to show off your awesome models without worrying about accidental edits, unexpected downloads, or your document ending up in the wrong hands.

Link Sharing generates a view-only link you can share with anyone. Your collaborators can open and view your model in SketchUp for Web without logging in or installing any apps. Don't want folks viewing that version of your model anymore? You can deactivate the link at any time, restricting access immediately.

Note: Link Sharing only works with models published to Trimble Connect. See Working with SketchUp Files for information on how to publish your model.

You can share a model from the Home screen or from within the modeling window.On the Home screen locate the model you would like to share a link to and tap the Menu icon (), opening the context menu.

If you are in the modeling window, tap the Sharing () icon in the top navigation bar. To generate a view-only link, tap View-Only Link from the available options.

The iOS Share widget will appear. Choose how you would like to share your link from the available options.

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