SketchUp 7.1

Good to know

  • Please note that installing SketchUp 7.1 will overwrite version 7.0.
  • SketchUp 7.1 models are fully compatible with SketchUp 7.0 and LayOut 2.0. If you save a model in 7.1, it will automatically be able to be read by SketchUp 7.0 and LayOut 2.0.

Known Issues:

  • Mac - SketchUp may crash if you open a large file and navigate through the model a lot, or try exporting to a 2D format. Enable 'Hardware acceleration' in the 'OpenGL' section of the Preferences dialog box to work around this issue.

LayOut 2.1:

Released 9/22/2009

Known Issues:

  • If you've made changes to the default scrapbooks or templates that shipped with LayOut 2.0 (without renaming the files), those changes will be overwritten when you upgrade to LayOut 2.1. To save your changes, follow the Windows steps in this Help Center article before you upgrade.
  • When upgrading from LayOut 2.0 to LayOut 2.1, any customized toolbars and customized toolbar icons will be replaced with LayOut's default configuration | Windows only.
  • The Measurements box won't respond to any value you enter when used with the Dimension tool.
  • If you create a file in with bulleted or numbered lists and save that file in LayOut Version 1 format, LayOut Version 1 will crash when attempting to open the file | Windows only.