Using 3rd Party Sign-In Options with Trimble Accounts

We realize some users prefer to use a "social" or 3rd party sign-in option to simplify username and password management. To facilitate that we allow the use of Google Sign-In and Sign In with Apple to access your Trimble Account. If you choose to use one of these options you’ll have a slightly different sign in process. If you want to sign into an existing Trimble Account using Sign in With Apple or Sign in with Google you must use the same email address that you used to create your Trimble Account.

We’ve detailed the process for creating your Trimble Account in either of these cases below.

Using Sign-In with Apple to create a Trimble Account

If you don’t already have a Trimble Account, you have the option to create one by signing in with your Apple ID. When you do this the user name for your Trimble Account will be the same as the email address you use for your Apple ID. Sign in with Apple works in a browser, in the SketchUp Desktop application or on your Apple device. To start, you’ll need to already have an Apple ID which you can create on Apple’s site directly. Once you’ve created an Apple ID, the process for creating a Trimble Account is simple.

  1. Start by opting to sign in to any of our sites or applications. You will see the form below:
  2. Click "Sign in with Apple" which will take you to Apple’s login portal, you’ll be prompted to Sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. When signing in, you may see a prompt for your Two-Factor authentication if that option is enabled for your account. As you proceed you’ll encounter several security prompts on Apple’s site to ensure your privacy is protected.

  4. Once you’ve completed the security steps, you'll have the option to connect your Apple ID to Trimble applications, this step will allow you to share your email address directly with Trimble Account, allowing us to then reference that email in the future. Alternatively you can choose "Hide My Email" which will create a new, anonymized email address. Note that hiding your email will create a new Trimble account for you as well.
  5. If you choose to Hide your email from Trimble, an anonymized email address is then provided to Trimble as the username for your account. Apple allows users to hide their emails from developers they may not trust. Any emails Trimble sends to this new email address will then be received and redirected by Apple to your actual email.

    Note that this email address will then be your Trimble Account if you ever want to sign in to your Trimble account using an email address. Should you ever decide to turn off "Hide my Email" with your Apple ID, it may create a new Trimble Account and you will have to re-enable hide my email to access your data and purchases associated with the "privaterelay" email address.
  6. Once you click done your Trimble Account will be created using the "privaterelay" email as your user name and you’ll be signed in. You can then navigate to your intended site.

There aren’t any steps for "linking" either Apple or Google sign-in options when the email addresses are different. Rather if you have an Apple ID or a Google ID using the same email address as your Trimble Account then you can simply choose that sign-in method when signing into a Trimble property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to use Sign in With Apple or Sign in with Google?

No, these services simply allow you more options on how you sign-in to Trimble services. The default method of signing in is still Trimble Account.

Why would I want to use Sign in with Apple or Sign in With Google vs Trimble Account.

3rd party sign in services allow you to sync your password with those services. If you want to use your apple ID password or google password to sign in it makes it easy to have one password to access numerous services.

Conversely If you want to have a unique password for Trimble Services you will want to use your Trimble Account for signing in. Your Trimble Account credentials can only be used with Trimble services.

How do I change my password?

Note that passwords are all directly connected to their original ID service. This means that Trimble Account, Apple ID and Google Sign-In will each have their own password and customers must change or reset their passwords with each provider. When signing into Trimble ID with a 3rd Party login, you’ll use the email address and password for that 3rd party, rather than a password you may have created directly on Trimble’s site.

My Password isn’t working?

It is possible to have a Google ID, an Apple ID and a Trimble Account each with its own unique password. Please be sure to use the password for the service you’re using to sign in.

Be aware that if you’ve chosen the "Turn Off Email Forwarding" in your Apple ID settings it will change the email address which is shared with the world. If you created your Trimble Account in this state, then disable that feature later it will prevent you from using that account to sign into your Trimble Account and you’ll need to create a new login.

What if I can’t see my files and purchases after signing in with Apple?

If you used the Hide My Email setting we won’t be able to link your existing Trimble account when you sign in with your Apple ID. This is because the "privaterelay" email does not match the email you used to originally set up your Trimble Account.

To see your files and purchases again you’ll need to tell Apple to stop using your Apple ID with Trimble Account on the Apple ID settings page. You’ll need to sign in to and share your email with Trimble by clicking on the Manage… link under apps & websites using Apple ID. Also note that your Apple ID email must match the email you originally used to create your Trimble Account.

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