Troubleshooting License and Subscription Issues

Note: This article covers the license error messages when using the Classic License. If you've purchased a SketchUp Subscription you'll want to visit the Troubleshooting article here.

Sometimes, authorizing SketchUp Pro or performing license functions in SketchUp might result in a handful of errors. This article explains the errors you might encounter and how to resolve them.

General License Errors:

“Not a valid license” (or “not a valid Serial Number and Authorization code combination”) for that version:

  • Manual Typing: Try typing in the serial number instead of copy/pasting. Some email clients and PDFs turn our serial number “dashes” into identical-looking “bashes” which are not recognized by our licensing system.
  • Match it up: The most common reason this error message occurs is when a SketchUp version, serial number, and/or authorization code don’t belong to each other. They are all unique each year. The first letter of every serial number progresses alphabetically every year and is a code for that year-version.
    • Your active serial number and its unique authorization code can be found in the License Manager. Get the new authorization code by clicking on the email button below the license number.
    • The current year’s SketchUp application can be downloaded here and the previous 2 older year versions are found here. We don’t support versions older than 3 years, but you can ask about them in the Forum.
  • The version you’re trying to authorize might not be the “Active” version of your license.
    • You can see your active license version in the License Manager.
    • When do versions get deactivated?
      • Authorizing a newer version automatically deactivates older license versions.
      • If a newer version of a license is released before a previous version is used, that older unused version is automatically deactivated to allow the newer version to be Active.
  • Definitions:

    Active means “Able to be authorized in a brand new installation.” The newest license version is by default the “Active” license.

    On Hold: If the newest version of the license hasn’t been authorized on any computers yet, the last-authorized license version is also active, but is “On Hold” to set it apart from the new Active license. The On Hold license can be used for new authorizations until the newer Active license is used.

    Deactivated does not affect already-authorized installations, but it prevents new authorizations for that license version.

    If you want to use an older year’s version of your license, you can contact us to ask about reactivation options.

    This SketchUp Pro license has been used on too many computers.

    A Single-user license is intended to be used by one user. We realize that many users have multiple computers, so we allow a user to authorize their license on up to two of their computers. If you have a single-user license, you can deauthorize one computer and then authorize SketchUp on a different computer. If your copy of SketchUp Pro is part of a network license, you need to wait for a license to become available or talk to your network administrator. If only one person is using the license but the user’s computer was destroyed, lost, or re-imaged and the activations were lost forever, contact us and we’ll happily help!

    Your SketchUp Pro license has expired.

    Your educator or student license has expired and needs to be renewed if you wish to continue using SketchUp Pro. You can find details on our Educational license program page.

    This SketchUp Pro license was created on a different computer and will not work here.

    Because a SketchUp Pro is tied to each specific computer, copying license files between computers doesn't work. You may see this error if your license file has been transferred from another computer. Please remove the license file following the steps below and authorize SketchUp normally from the Welcome screen at launch.

    1. Navigate to the file path below:

      [ Windows ] C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019
      [ OS X ] ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2019
    2. Delete the file SketchUp.lic
    3. You can now re-add your license information to authorize this computer.

    This SketchUp Pro license is just plain broken.

    You may see this error if the SketchUp license file on your system has been edited or has become corrupt. Please remove the license file and then add the license again in SketchUp normally from the Welcome screen at launch.

    Note: This error may also occur if the system clock is altered by more than a calendar day.

    Connectivity Issues:

    Bummer, It looks like you're offline.

    Because SketchUp licensing is managed online through a licensing server, you must be online if you wish to add or remove a license on your installation of SketchUp. Make sure you're connected to the internet and try again.

    The SketchUp Pro licensing server is down.

    This error might appear if you're online when authorizing SketchUp but unable to connect to the server to complete the authorization. Make sure that you're connected and that SketchUp is allowed permission to access the internet, then try authorizing again.

    Network License - specific Issues:

    SketchUp Pro is having trouble connecting to the network licensing server.

    SketchUp which has been authorized with a network license must connect with the network license server every time it's launched to authenticate properly. If SketchUp will be offline or unable to connect to the server at any time, then you need to check out a license while connected so that you can use SketchUp offline. Without the checked-out license, SketchUp will open with limited functionality until you're able to successfully connect to the network license server again. If the computer is never online or able to connect to the server, then you may wish to purchase a single-user license for that computer. See Buying and Upgrading a License for details about license types. If you continue to see this message, you may need to update your network to resolve the error, you can troubleshoot this further as detailed in this article about connection issues.

    An error occurred while checking out your license.

    To check out a license, SketchUp must be connected to the internet or network so that SketchUp can communicate with the licensing server. To learn more about checking SketchUp licenses in and out, see Checking Network Licenses In and Out.

    License check out expired. Your license has been checked out past its expiration date.

    You can't check out a SketchUp license indefinitely from your network server. If you're offline for too long or fail to check in your license, it checks itself back in automatically after a certain amount of time. To check out another available license, you need to connect to your network again. If you're uncertain how long you can keep a license checked out, please check with your license administrator.

    Oops... All of the SketchUp Pro license seats are in use at the moment

    Network licenses allow only a certain number of concurrent users. Check with your network administrator to be certain your license has an adequate number of seats to accommodate all users sufficiently.

    Classic License or Subscription - Which do I have?

    Starting in 2019, we started selling a sign-in access “Subscription” option for SketchUp Pro. If you received an email with a license serial number (in the format XX-########-XXX) and an authentication code (or if you can find your license in our License Manager), then you have a “Classic” license. Alternately, if you go to the Trimble Account Manager, click on Plans, and you see SketchUp Shop, SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Studio, then you can activate your product by simply signing in to it with your Trimble ID (no serial number required).

    If you do have a subscription, any activation errors you may encounter are addressed here.

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