Frequently Asked Questions About Trimble Identity

Trimble Identity provides access to all Trimble applications and online services, including all applications which are part of SketchUp subscriptions. With your Trimble Identity, you can sign in to one of your Trimble online services and then browse to another without the need to sign in again.

Trimble Identity

What is Trimble?

Trimble Inc. is an international company specializing in products used in the Agricultural, Building Construction, Civil Engineering and Construction, Geospatial, Transportation, and many other industries. Trimble acquired SketchUp from Google in 2012 and Trimble Identity further integrates SketchUp into the Trimble family of products.

What is Trimble Identity?

Trimble Identity is an authentication system. Authentication systems make sure you are who you say you are. We use Trimble Identity to grant access to all of the different Trimble applications and websites, including your SketchUp account.


Trimble Identity Platform Upgrade

A major update to Trimble Identity and how it works with SketchUp accounts will happen on January 16th, 2022. This update requires each user to re-sign into their SketchUp applications.

If you experience any issues using SketchUp for desktop after this update we recommend the following troubleshooting steps: 

  • Sign out of, close, and restart your applications, then sign back in.
    • If you use multiple versions of SketchUp for desktop please complete the above process for each version. 
  • If you can sign in but your SketchUp application still doesn’t work you may need to clear your sign-in credentials:
    • For Mac users, locate the login_session.dat file in your Library folder. (The path for this file should be Library/ApplicationSupport/SketchUp[Version Year]/login_session.dat)
    • For Windows users search for login_session.dat using the Search in your Start menu.
Help! I created a Trimble Identity but I still cannot sign in.

If you are having trouble signing in after creating your Trimble Identity it may be due to one of the following common situations:

  • Double check that your email address is correct. There may be a typo or you may have entered an email address not associated with your Trimble account. 
  • Try signing in using the Sign in with Google or Sign in with Apple options. If you created your Trimble account by signing in with Google or Apple, using that option each time you sign in is the easiest way to access your Trimble account. Typing in the email address and password associated with your Google or Apple account will not work until you set up your Trimble Identity password. If you want to set your Trimble password, enter your email address and then follow the forgot password links and instructions. 

If your email is correct and you’ve never used Google or Apple, use the Forgot Password? link to update your Trimble password.

I forgot my Trimble Password!

If you can’t remember your password you can use the Forgot Password? link. On the sign-in page enter the email address associated with your Trimble account and click

On the following page click the Forgot Password? link. 

On the Password Recovery page confirm the email address associated with your Trimble account. Trimble will then send you a code which allows you to reset your password. 

I tried to reset my password and Trimble says “The entered email does not exist”!

If you see “The entered email address does not exist” when attempting to reset your password it means there is no account under that email address.  Make sure you correct any typos and try again.  If the email address is spelled correctly, that means you’ll need to create a Trimble account. Please note, this can happen even if it’s the email you have used in the past for your classic SketchUp license. If you would like to create an account, use the Create an account link found on the sign-in page. 

I haven't received any emails from when creating my account or resetting my password!

Your company's firewall may be blocking our emails, or it may be blocked by your spam filter. Please contact your IT department and ask them to allow emails from * and * and * If you find the email in your Spam folder, please make sure to whitelist the email domains listed above.

Nothing is working, and I’m stuck in an endless loop of trying to activate the Trimble Identity.

Please contact our Customer Service department and create a help ticket. Tell us your contact details, the email address you used to set up your Trimble Identity, and the steps you took to get to what you are seeing. Please include screenshots if possible and any technical details and context. For example, include what browser you are using, the type of device you are using, and whether you are on mobile or a computer.

I’m locked out of my account

The Trimble Identity system locks your account if the wrong password was entered too many times. The message “Your account has been temporarily locked for up to 15 minutes after too many failed attempts to sign in” will appear if this happens. If you encounter this you can either wait or use the forgot password process and enter your normal password to avoid waiting 15 mins.  

Using a 3rd Party Sign-In with Trimble Products

If you want to sign in with your Apple Id or Google credentials click the appropriate button on the main page.  These options allow you to sign in with your Google account or Apple ID. Use these options if you don’t want to set up a trimble-specific password.  When contacting support you may be asked for the email address you use for those services. 

Will Trimble know my password if I sign in with Google or Apple?

No. Signing in with Apple or Google will not allow Trimble to know your passwords

Can I use the Hide My Email feature for Apple ID?

Apple has a feature to protect users against developers who may spam them with unwanted emails called Hide My Email. Per Trimble’s privacy policy we will never sell your email or send you spam. However if you still want to use this feature and you need support or want to sign in using your email address you will need to find the “private relay” email address in your apple account. 

Note: If you create a Trimble account using the email tied to your Apple account and then attempt to sign-in with Apple using hide my email, Trimble will see that as a new account. This happens because your email is hidden from Trimble and Trimble can’t acknowledge the two accounts are associated. If this happens, go into your Apple ID settings and disable Hide My Email for Trimble Identity.  

Why doesn’t sign-in with Apple or Google work for older versions of SketchUp?

Apple and Google require browser-based sign-in.  Leveraging your web browser for the sign-in process provides an extra layer of security against malicious application developers. Google and Apple have flagged the lack of browser-based sign in as a security risk and no longer allow users to sign in on those outdated applications.

Versions of SketchUp older than 2019.2 do not leverage your web browser for signing in. Please upgrade your version of SketchUp to at least 2019.3 or sign in with your email to Trimble Identity.  Note that you may need to set a trimble password if you have never done so. 

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