SketchUp Web Main Toolbar

When you first open a new model you'll see the Main Toolbar on the left side.

The first icon you see is Search SketchUp (). Clicking Search SketchUp opens a search bar. Clicking Help () in the search bar opens a list of search controls.

The rest of the toolbar contains the following tools:

Icon Tool Name Shortcut Learn More
Select Space Bar Selecting Geometry
Eraser E Erasing and Undoing
Paint Bucket B Adding Colors and Textures with Materials
Pencil L Introducing Drawing Basics and Concepts
Rectangle R Drawing Basic Shapes
Push/Pull P Pushing and Pulling Shapes into 3D
Move M Moving Entities Around
Rotate Q Flipping, Mirroring, Rotating, and Arrays
Scale S Scaling Your Model or Parts of Your Model
Tape Measure T Measuring Angles and Distances to Model Precisely
Orbit O Viewing a Model
Pan H Viewing a Model

For the rest of your tools, see SketchUp for Web Expanded Toolbar.

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