iPad Expanded Toolset

At the bottom of the toolbar you’ll see (...). Choosing that icon opens the Expanded Toolset, where you’ll find the rest of your tools.

The Expanded Toolset contains the following:

Icon Optional Tool Modes Tool Name Learn More
Select Select Tool
N/A Markup Markup Tool
N/A Insert Image

Freehand Freehand Tool

2 Point Arc 2-Point Arc Tool

Arc Arc Tool

Polygon Polygon Tool

3 Point Arc 3-Point Arc Tool

Pie Pie Tool
Rotated Rectangle Rotated Rectangle
N/A 3D Text 3D Text
N/A Offset Offset Tool
N/A Follow Me Follow Me Tool
Tag Tag Tool
Flip Flip Tool
N/A Outer Shell Outer Shell Tool
N/A Intersect Intersect Tool
N/A Union Union Tool
N/A Subtract Subtract Tool
N/A Trim Trim Tool
N/A Split Split Tool

Tape Measure Tape Measure Tool
N/A Dimension N/A
N/A Protractor Protractor Tool
Axes N/A
N/A Text Label N/A
Create Section N/A
Orbit Orbit Tool
N/A Pan Pan Tool
N/A Zoom Zoom Tool
N/A Zoom Extents Zoom Extents Tool
N/A Position Camera N/A
N/A Look Around N/A
N/A Walk N/A
N/A View in AR N/A
N/A Scan-to-CAD N/A
N/A Present Presentation Mode

Optional Tool Modes

Many tools have optional tool modes. Optional tool modes modify the way you use a tool. If a tool has optional tool modes, you'll see an icon for each available mode. For example, the Lasso tool has three optional modes - Add, Remove, and Inverse. We've listed the icons representing the optional tool modes available for each tool in the table above. For more information on how these optional tool modes work, go to the Learn More link next to each tool in the tables above.

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