Viewing a model in 3D - 3D Warehouse

The best way to look at a 3D is in 3D, of course. So when you look at a model’s details page in the 3D Warehouse, click the icon in the right pane that looks like SketchUp’s Orbit tool:

The 3D Viewer will be activated where the model image was. You’ll see a spinning progress wheel as the content loads in the window. You’ll need to have WebGL enabled Internet browser to use the viewer (click here to test if your browser supports WebGL). If WebGl isn’t supported, that’s ok, the 3D Warehouse will load a 360 degree image that you can spin around by clicking and dragging your mouse.

After the 3D Viewer loads the model, you can orbit the model by clicking and dragging in the viewer window. To Pan, press and hold the Shift key while you click and drag your mouse cursor through the viewer window.

If you seem to lose the model, don’t worry, click the Toolbar button in the lower left corner of the viewer window, then click the Zoom Extents button.


If you look lower down the right side of the page, you’ll see another button called <>Embed. After clicking the <>Embed button, click 3D Viewer and you will see the HTML code for putting the model in a web page with the 3D Viewer, just like we did below. Or you can click on Thumbnail to get the code for embedding the thumbnail image of the model and a link back to the model’s details page.