Color Blindness Features

For people who experience color blindness, SketchUp makes seeing color-based modeling cues easier than ever before. Here are the features that make 3D modeling more accessible:

  • New preferences settings: On the new Accessibility pane in the Preferences dialog box, you can customize the colors of the drawing axes and inference colors.
  • A new preset style: When you apply the new Color Blind style to a model, color-based modeling cues stand out better for people who have some degree of color blindness.

The following images show the new Accessibility pane and an example of how customized axes colors appear with the Color Blind style applied. For help setting up SketchUp and your model styles, see Changing colors of selected items and other on-screen aids and select the Help Center documentation for SketchUp 2017.

SketchUp enables people who experience color blindness to change the axis and inference colors

In SketchUp, apply the Color Blind style and customize axes colors to improve visibility of onscreen 3D modeling cues.
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