Displaying and Playing Scenes

If a model contains scenes that were created in SketchUp, you view those scenes in SketchUp Viewer for HoloLens. (For an introduction to scenes in SketchUp, see Creating Scenes in the SketchUp area of the Help Center.)

In SketchUp Viewer for HoloLens, you access a model’s scenes as follows:

  1. Air tap the Main Menu (image).
  2. Air tap the Scenes icon (image), and the Scene tab appears, as shown in the following figure.
In SketchUp Viewer for HoloLens, you can view scenes saved with the SketchUp model

On the Scene tab, you have the following options:

  • Jump to a scene by air tapping on the thumbnail.
  • Air tap the Play button to cycle through all the scenes.
  • Air tap the Setting icon to modify the timing of the animation.
  • Air tap the Detach icon to move scenes into their own pinnable window.