Using SketchUp in Virtual Environments

Virtualization policy

For subscribers activating versions of SketchUp 2022 and newer, using SketchUp in virtual environments is allowed as a product-specifc exception to Trimble's General Product Terms.

Note: authorizing with a classic license in virtual environments is still restricted as described in the General Product Terms.

We encourage enterprise or group purchasing customers exploring virtualized use to contact our sales team and consider subscription offerings.

Virtualization usage and guidance

We continually test SketchUp to verify its fidelity and stability in virtual environments. At this time, we are not yet recommending virtualization specifications for the best-possible SketchUp experience.

As you work with SketchUp in virtual environments, please keep in mind:

  1. SketchUp's graphics performance will not be equivalent to native device use. SketchUp modeling is a graphics-driven experience. Virtual use will impact the responsiveness of camera movement and drawing interactions.
  2. If you encounter a problem, check your Internet connection. Problems you may experience using SketchUp in virtual environments may be triggered by Internet connectivity issues or platform issues. We encourage you to test other applications you are using virtually.

    Note: At this time we do not offer technical support for virtual environments.
  3. In some virtual environments, an incremental authorization may exceed your account’s allowable desktop activations. If this happens, follow instructions to manage activations.
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