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Paid subscribers and SketchUp for Schools users have access to additional functionality in SketchUp for Web for scaled prints. Switch the Print Mode drop-down to Print to Scale to set up a one-page scaled-print.

In Print to Scale mode, your print preview is rendered with SketchUp's parallel projection camera. You can still pan, orbit, and zoom your model: but now, as you zoom, the implied scale of your drawing will change. Similarly, changing paper size will change the implied drawing scale.

To choose a specific drawing scale, simply type in the scale you prefer and the print preview will resize your print. Note: zooming in or out will change this scale once you’ve set it.

Click Print Scale to display the scale of your drawing on your print if you like.

Tip: If you have documented a scene in your model for printing, you can still choose this scene in Print Preview, and then switch to Print to Scale mode to create a scaled version of your scene. This works best for plans and elevations which are already composed with a parallel projection camera setting.
Note: At this time, SketchUp for Web supports only one-page prints.
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