Setting Up SketchUp Viewer for VR

In addition to the VR device and your desktop computer you'll need the SketchUp Desktop Viewer app.

Note: Meta Quest and Hololens devices have their own SketchUp Viewer apps. For more information see Viewer for Meta Quest and Viewer for Hololens.

To download the SketchUp Desktop Viewer:

  1. Open your Account Management Portal.
  2. Sign in using your Trimble ID.
  3. Click My Products.
  4. Click View Included Applications.
  5. Locate the SketchUP Desktop Viewer and click Download.

Once you launch SketchUp Viewer for VR you can explore any of the included demo files. To open and work with your own models you will need to have an active SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Studio subscription. For more information on the available subscription options see Plans and Pricing.

Tip: The optional AR/VR Extension for SketchUp helps you publish a model you're working on in SketchUp to any AR/VR device on your network with the SketchUp Viewer app. See Using the AR|VR Extension for details.
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